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Pixie Dust
Level 5 Toon-Up Gag
Pixie Dust.png
General information
Minimum Laff Heal: 60
Maximum Laff Heal: 70
Accuracy: Medium
Organic boost: 77 Laff Heal
Targets: One Toon
Minimum carry capacity: 3
Maximum carry capacity: 7
Experience points needed for next gag: 6,000
Preceded by:
Bamboo Cane
Succeeded by:
Juggling Balls
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Pixie Dust is the level 5 Toon-Up gag. It succeeds the Bamboo Cane but precedes the Juggling Balls.


The Pixie Dust can be obtained after earning a total of 2,000 Toon-Up skill points. As with all Toon-Up gags, the Pixie Dust has medium accuracy.

The Pixie Dust targets one toon. The minimum heal is 60 laff points. The maximum heal is "70". Furthermore, if grown on a tree and is organic, the heal is increased by six to seven, totaling to 66-77 laff points healed.

In the event that the pixie dust misses, it will still restore between "12" and "15" laff points to the targeted toon depending on its skill points and organic status.

When first obtained, the maximum carry capacity is three. Obtaining the Juggling Balls increases the carrying capacity, maximizing to a total of seven carry capacity.

Skill points

Previous level Next level
2000 6000

In equation form:

  • X represents the skill points for the next gag
  • Y represents the starting point of this gag
  • M represents the maximum laff heal
  • O represents the original starting point

To determine the next increase in laff heal for Pixie Dust, take the number of skill points required to obtain the next gag and divide it by the number of increase (the maximum laff heal - the original laff heal). You should therefore get an estimate.

The Pixie Dust equation is as follows:

For every 364 skill points, Pixie Dust's healing attributes increase.

Laff heal Skill points
60 2,000
61 2,364
62 2,728
63 3,091
64 3,455
65 3,819
66 4,182
67 4,546
68 4,910
69 5,273
70 5,637


  1. The toon will run to the center of the cog battle.
  2. The toon will then pull out Pixie Dust from his/her pocket.
  3. The toon will toss the dust onto the targeted toon, and will make the toon laugh.
  4. It makes a sprinkling sound.
  5. The toon will eventually stop tossing dust.
  6. The toon will run back to the original position.

Trading card

A chief export of Donald's Dreamland, Toontown Pixie Dust is the very essence of happiness - gently harvested from the nicest dreams, it is sure to boost your laff meter in a twinkling. Now available in three delightful colors: Sunshine, Moonbeam, and Rainbow. The happiest toons say: "Pixie Dust - it's a must!"


  • Pixie Dust is the final Toon-Up gag that heals only a single toon.
  • The trading card shows that the Pixie Dust requires a wand to use the gag.
  • The gag image depicts the Pixie Dust as orange, but the animation depicts the Pixie Dust as blue. The trading card depicts the gag as yellow with a pink aura around it.
  • In the film Peter Pan, Pixie Dust is used to make Wendy and her two brothers fly in Never Land.
  • This gag is used by Toons Always Hit and Cogs Always Miss SOS toons.

In other languages

Language Name
FR.png French Poussière de fée
ES.png Spanish Polvo de estrellas
D.png German Zauberpuder
BRZ.png Brazilian Portuguese Pó mágico
Japan.png Japanese ???