Template:ToonUpGag Pixie Dust is the Level 5 Toon-Up Gag.


The Toon using the Pixie Dust will run up to the center of the battlefield. The Toon will then pull out Pixie Dust from his/her's pocket, and tosses the dust onto the targeted Toon, making the Toon laugh. The Toon will eventually stop tossing dust, and jog back to his/her's place.


  • Pixie Dust is the final Toon-Up Gag that heals only a single Toon.
  • The Trading Card shows that the Pixie Dust requires a wand to use the Gag.
  • The Gag Image depicts the Pixie Dust as orange, but the animation depicts the Pixie Dust as blue. The Trading Card depicts the Gag as yellow with a pink aura around it.
  • Pixie Dust restores up to 70 laff to a Toon when maxed.
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