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A playground is the central safe area of a toon neighborhood. Playgrounds have a unique theme and their respective Disney character playground owner wandering about. Each playground has at least two or three tunnels that go to streets that lead to other locations. Playgrounds are uninhabited by cogs.

While in the playground, a toon's laff meter will gradually heal itself by +1 laff (+2 laff on the test server). A faster measure is to grab the treasures around the playground. Each playground has its own type of treasure and the amount it heals, and as the playgrounds get more advanced, the treasures there heal you more.

Playgrounds also consist of various buildings, such as Goofy's Gag Shop, the pet shop, and Toon Headquarters. Each playground also consists of fishing ponds and the trolley.

If you lose all your laff points and go sad, you return to the playground. Non-members go to Toontown Central if they are sad and members go to the playground they are located. Non-member toons and member toons who go sad in the Sellbot Factory stay there and don't gain any laff points and you cannot go in battle.


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FR.png French Terrain de jeux
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D.png German Spielplatz
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