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<gallery spacing="small" captionalign="center" orientation="none">
<gallery spacing="small" captionalign="center" orientation="none">
Pluto.jpg|Pluto walking
Pluto.jpg|Pluto walking
Pluto Halloween.jpg|Western Pluto during Halloween
Pluto Halloween.jpg|Western Pluto during Halloween
Plutoandmickey.jpg|Mickey and Pluto
Pluto_April_Fools.jpg|Pluto in Minnie's Melodyland on April Fools.
Pluto_April_Fools.jpg|Pluto in Minnie's Melodyland on April Fools.
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[[Category:The Brrrgh]]
[[Category:The Brrrgh]]
[[Category:Major NPCs]]

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Pluto closeup
Species: Dog
Color: Yellow
Location: The Brrrgh
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Pluto is Mickey Mouse's pet dog and an original Disney character. He can be found in The Brrrgh playground. Pluto can only talk during holidays such as on Halloween when he is dressed as a cowboy and in April Toons' Week, in which he is in Minnie's Melodyland. When he talks, he makes the same sound as when toon dogs say two words.


April Toons' Week

  • Happy April Toons' Week!
  • Happy April Toons' Week, [toon name]!
    • Welcome to Melodyland! I'm Minnie!
    • Hi, my name is Minnie Mouse!
    • I'm as happy as a mouse can be!
    • What, you've never seen a mouse with dog ears?
    • I love when Mickey and I go for walks!
    • What, you never heard a mouse talk before?
    • April Toons' Week is the silliest week of the year!
    • Have you heard your Doodle talk yet?
    • Gravity has taken a holiday at the Estates!
      • Have a wacky April Toons' Week!
      • If you see Pluto, tell him Minnie says hi!


  • Boo! Don't be scared, it's just me ... Pluto
  • Happy Halloween, pardner!
  • Happy Halloween, [toon name]!
    • I do tricks for treats!
    • Mickey's taking me Trick-or-Treating later!
    • It feels more like Winter Holiday than Halloween!
    • Bark! That's 'Trick-or-Treat' in dog!
    • I hope you are enjoying our Halloween fun!
    • I like to chase Black Cat Toons!
    • There's a snake in my boot!
      • Frosty Fred has treats for tricks, they make him feel like there's Snowplace Like Home!
        • I'm going to go dig up a treat!
        • I'm going to see if Mickey has some treats!
        • I'm going to scare Donald!

Winter holiday

  • Hi, I'm Pluto!
  • Welcome to the Brrrgh, where it's winter all year!
  • Happy Winter Holiday!
  • Happy Winter Holiday, [toon name]!
    • I chewed on an icicle and got frost-bite!
    • This is like living in a snow globe!
    • I wish I was beside a warm fire!
    • Arf! Arf! I need a scarf!
    • At least my nose isn't red and glowing!
      • Eddie could use a good tune, because Snowman's Land is a lonely place for a Yeti!
        • Have a fun Winter Holiday!
        • Come back any time you want snow!
        • Mickey is taking me caroling!

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