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Polar Place
Polar Place Tunnel.jpg
Beware the end of this street, as the heart of a Lawbot is a cold one!
The Brrrgh
Goes to:
Lawbot Headquarters
General information
Minimum cog level: 7
Maximum cog level: 9
Max building floors: 5 floors
Building cog level: 12
Cog type rarity
5% 85% 5% 5%
Polar Place.png
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Polar Place is a street found in The Brrrgh. Most of the cogs here are Lawbots, and there is a small amount of other cog types. This street leads to the Lawbot Headquarters.

The fisherman at this street's fishing hole is Fisherman Fredrica.


  1. A Better Built Quilt (Paisley Patches)
  2. Alpine Chow Line (Bjorn Bord)
  3. Wait & See Goggle Defogging (Dr. Peepers)
  4. Snowman's Land (Eddie the Yeti)
  5. Mittens for Kittens (Mack Ramay)
  6. Hibernation Vacations (Paula Behr)
  7. The Toupee Chalet (Donald Frump)
  8. Oh My Galoshes! (Bootsy)
  9. The Precipitation Foundation (Professor Flake)
  10. Pinecone Zone (Connie Ferris)
  11. Snowshoes You Can't Refuse (March Harry)
  12. Just So Mistletoe (Kissy Krissy)
  13. The Sweater Lodge (Johnny Cashmere)
  14. Cool Cat Hats (Sam Stetson)
  15. Malt in Your Mouth Soda Fountain (Fizzy Lizzy)
  16. The Shovel Hovel (Pickaxe Paul)
  17. Used Groundhog Shadows (Shady Sadie)
  18. Clean Sweep Chimney Service (Flue Lou)
  19. Winter Wonderland Walking Club (Treading Ed)
  20. Your Snow Angel (Dallas Borealis)
  21. Ice Saw It Too (Snaggletooth Stu)
  22. Choral Wreaths (Groovy Garland)
  23. Snow Whitening (Blanche)
  24. Open Fire Chestnut Roasting (Chuck Roast)


  • This street has the highest cog levels.
  • During development, this street was originally known as Penguin Place. [Citation Needed »]
  • This street has two shortcuts. One of them is a direct shortcut from the beginning to the end of the street.