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#REDIRECT Gear Shower
|name = Presentation
|lvl = 7
|track = Lure
|image = Presentation2.png
|organic = Medium
|target = All
|lcap = 1
|hcap = 1
|exp = [[500 to Go!]]
|precede = [[Hypno Goggles]]
|succeed = None
|music = [[File:Presentation.ogg]]}}
'''Presentation''' is the [[:Category:Level 7 gags|level seven]] [[Lure]] [[gag]]. It will lure all [[cogs]] in battle.
The Presentation can be obtained once the [[toons|toon]] has earned a total of 10,000 Lure [[skill points]]. As the last gag in the Lure track, the Lure gag track meter converts into a "[[500 to Go!]]" meter.
As with all Lure gags, the Presentation does not do any damage. Instead, it lures [[:Category:Affects all cogs|all]] [[cogs|cogs]], ''disabling'' them in the process or activating any [[Trap]] gags deployed before luring. It has a [[:Category:Low accuracy gags|low accuracy]] of 70%. The duration of the lured cogs will last around fifteen rounds. If [[Gardening|grown]] on a [[gag trees|tree]] and is [[organic gags|organic]], the accuracy of the gag increases to [[:Category:Medium accuracy gags|medium]].
A toon can carry a maximum of one Presentation.
==Skill points==
As a level seven gag, the Lure track meter will convert to a "500 to Go!" meter. With this meter, when the meter reaches "0 to Go!", the toon can earn another Presentation gag if not already in possession. If a Presentation is already in possession, the meter will stay at "0 to Go!" until it is used.
#The [[Toons|toon]] will pull out a trigger box.
#The toon activates the switch by pressing its red button, and a presentation will sprout out of the ground.
#If the [[gag]] hits, the cogs in the [[Cog battle|battle]] will lean backward and step forward with their arms stretched out, just as if they were being hypnotized by [[Hypno Goggles]]. If not, they will stay as normal, and the word "MISSED" will appear on top of their heads.
*The cogs affected by this gag behave similarly to [[Hypno Goggles]], but the color and shape is different to this [[gag]].
*It is a two-part gag, meaning the damage depends on the gag that is used with it.
*It appears that there is a graph on the presentation that represents stocks. 
*This gag is one of the two lure gags that do not have counterparts. The other is [[Hypno Goggles]].
<gallery captionalign="center">
Presentation_1.png|A Presentation used on a [[Name Dropper]]
[[Category:Lure gags]]
[[Category:Level 7 gags]]
[[Category:Affects all cogs]]
[[Category:Low accuracy gags]]

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