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Presentation is the Level 7 Lure Gag. It will lure all Cogs in battle.

As a Level 7 Gag, 10000 Lure Skill Points are required to obtain this Gag. Upon doing so, a new Skill Point Meter will appear as "500 to go!".


  1. The Toon that uses the Presentation Gag will pull out a trigger box.
  2. The Toon activates the switch, and a presentation will sprout out of the ground.
  3. If the Gag hits, the Cogs in the battle will lean backward and step forward in a 'zombie' style.
  4. If not, they will stay as normal.
  5. The Presentation will sprout back into the ground.


  • The Cogs affected by the Gag behave similarly to the Hypno Goggles.
  • This Gag still has a chance of missing, even if it's organic.
  • Like all Level 7 Gags, this Gag proves to be handy in tight situations, as 15 rounds of lure is usually more than enough to destroy the Lured Cogs.
  • It is a two-part Gag, meaning the damage depends on the Gag that goes with it.
  • This Gag is very useful in Boss battles, District Attorney's Offices, and Cog Golf Courses.
  • This Gag attracts Cogs zombie style even though there would be no reason for the Cogs to be attracted that way to a presentation.
  • It appears that there is a graph on the presentation that represents stocks.