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This article is about the NPC at "Toontown Schoolhouse" building. For more uses of "Pete", see Pete.
Professor Pete
Physical description
Gender: Male
Species: Cat
Color: Blue
Building: Toontown Schoolhouse
Street: Playground
Area: Toontown Central
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Professor Pete is a cat NPC toon in Toontown. He is located in the Toontown Schoolhouse in the Toontown Central playground. He is also an SOS toon found in the Vice President battle.


Main article: ToonTask:+1 laff/Professor Pete

Professor Pete will give toons a ToonTask for a reward a +1 laff point boost.

Other ToonTasks

Also, upon reaching Donald's Dock, toons will be given delivery ToonTasks by delivering a specific gag to him.

SOS toon

Professor Pete's SOS is a gag restock, which restocks gags to all toons in the battle in all gag tracks that are level one through six to the maximum amount possible. He is a five-star SOS toon.