Halloween toontown

A pumpkin head is a toon effect that can be earned by saying the special SpeedChat phrase "Trick Or Treat!". This is similar to the snowman heads.

Participating buildings

Image Building Street Neighborhood
All fun and games All Fun and Games Shop Silly Street Toontown Central
Rudderly Ridiculous! Rudderly Ridiculous! Lighthouse Lane Donald's Dock
Rake It Inn Rake It Inn Elm Street Daisy Gardens
Ursatz Ursatz for Really Kool Katz Tenor Terrace Minnie's Melodyland
Snowplace Snowplace Like Home Sleet Street The Brrrgh
Relax to the Max Relax to the Max Lullaby Lane Donald's Dreamland

Pumpkin head differences

Pumpkin Head1

A toon with a "fat" pumpkin head

A toon with a "small" head will have a "fat" pumpkin head. Toons with big heads/ears will have a "tall" pumpkin head.


  • If a toon says "Howdy" to Paula Behr on Polar Place, it will lose its pumpkin head. However, it can get it back by trick-or-treating to the same shops again.


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Toon Effects Big headBig legsBig toonFlat portraitFlat profileInvisibleNo colorSmall headSmall legsSmall toonTransparent
Special Green toonPumpkin headSnowman head
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