Punchline Place
Punchline Place Tunnel.jpg
Well, we know where the punch line is, but who knows the joke?
Toontown Central
Goes to:
Barnacle Boulevard
General information
Minimum cog level: 1
Maximum cog level: 3
Max building floors: 3 floors
Building cog level: 6
Cog type rarity
10% 10% 40% 40%
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Punchline Place is a street in Toontown Central. This street leads to Barnacle Boulevard, Donald's Dock. Toons can find many Sellbots and Cashbots roaming down this street.

The fisherman at this street's fishing hole is Fisherman Punchy.


  1. Inflatable Wrecking Balls (Big Bruce)
  2. Whoopee Sofa Cushions (Nancy Gas)
  3. Fred's Fragrant Flapjacks
  4. The Karnival Kid
  5. Dr. Pulyurleg Chiropractor (Dr. Pulyurleg)
  6. Toontown Mess Hall
  7. Barely Palatable Pasta (Crunchy Alfredo)
  8. Seminars Hardy Har Har (Dr. Sensitive)
  9. The Punch Line Gym (Franz Neckvein)
  10. Traffic Troubles
  11. Toontown Three Squares Meal House
  12. Funny Bone Emergency Room (Nurse Nancy)
  13. Phony Baloney (Tony Maroni)
  14. Zippy's Zingers (Zippy)
  15. Keanu's Kooky Cafe
  16. The Flying Pie (Ned Slinger)
  17. Professor Wiggle's House of Giggles (Professor Wiggle)
  18. Rubber Chicken Sandwiches (Chewy Morsel)
  19. Gertie's Greasy Spoon
  20. Mickey's Follies
  21. Sundae Funnies Ice Cream (Cindy Sprinkles)


  • A punchline is the funny part of a joke.
  • Cogs may reach up to Level Three on this street. Rarely, however, level four Sellbots may appear and create a field office.

In other languages

Language Name
FR.png French Place des Blagues
ES.png Spanish Avenida del Chiste
D.png German Kasperwinkel
BRZ.png Brazilian Portuguese
Japan.png Japanese パンチラインストリート Punchline Street[1]


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