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|Spanish = ???
|Spanish = ???
|German = ???
|German = ???
|Portuguese = ???
|Portuguese = Estrada de ferro
|Japanese = ??? }}
|Japanese = ??? }}

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Railroad usage
Level 7 Trap Gag
General information
Minimum Damage: 195
Maximum Damage: 195
Accuracy: Perfect
Organic boost: 214 Damage
Targets: All Cogs
Minimum carry capacity: 1
Maximum carry capacity: 1
Experience points needed for a new gag: 500 to Go!
Preceded by:
Succeeded by:
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Railroad is the level seven Trap gag. It succeeds the TNT.


As the last gag in the Trap track, the Railroad can be obtained once a toon earns a total of 10,000 Trap skill points. Reaching the end will change the Trap track meter to "500 to Go!".

The Railroad targets all cogs in battle. However, in order to work properly, no other Trap gags must be deployed already nor can any Trap gags be used in the same round with the Railroad. In doing so, both Trap gags will cancel out.

The Railroad has a maximum damage of 195. When grown on a tree and is organic, the Railroad will increase by nineteen. It is capable of defeating level eleven cogs and can defeat level twelve cogs when organic.

The maximum carry capacity is one. In order to obtain more Railroads, the toon must earn another "500" Trap skill points. If the toon has earned "500" Trap skill points, but a Railroad is already in possession, the meter will stay at "0 to Go!" until the Railroad is no longer is possession.

Skill points

As a level seven gag, the Trap track meter will convert to a "500 to Go!" meter. With this meter, when the meter reaches "0 to Go!", the toon can earn another Railroad gag if not already in possession. If a Railroad is already in possession, the meter will stay at "0 to Go!" until it is used.


  1. The toon will pull out a switch.
  2. When the toon activates the switch, a railroad track will appear in front of the cogs.
  3. When the cogs are successfully lured by a Lure gag, tunnels appear on the sides of the railroad tracks. A train then appears from the left tunnel and runs over the lured cogs.
  4. The cogs are flattened and slowly get up with their hands and knees.
  5. The cogs will either be destroyed or return back to their normal state.


  • At the end of the Chief Financial Officer battle, the Chief Financial Officer gets run over by a train that is similar to this gag.
  • If there are lured cogs and non-lured cogs during a battle and a toon uses this gag, the lured cogs will be pushed back.
  • When organic, it is the only gag that can destroy a level twelve cog in one hit. The only other attack that can do this is a pink slip.

In other languages

Language Name
FR French Chemin de fer
ES Spanish ???
D German ???
BRZ Brazilian Portuguese Estrada de ferro
Japan Japanese ???


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