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Release notes help us determine any changes on Toontown Online's open and test servers. This is the release notes page for 2001.

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Release Notes
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Version 1.0.6


  • You can now enter the buildings in the Playgrounds (such as in Toontown Central) to meet new Toons who will give you "ToonTasks" to fight Cogs, win back buildings, and deliver gags to other Toons. You get a reward for each ToonTask finished. Each reward will increase your Laff Meter, allowing you to carry more gags and giving you access to new types of gags, or advancing your Toon in some other way. You can check the progress of your ToonTasks with a new page in your Shticker Book.


  • More phrases have been added, and the interface has been made easier to use. Please e-mail with any suggestions for other phrases that you might like.

Secret Friends

  • In order to provide a safe place for kids to play online, the ToonTalker is still the basic form of communication, but now you can also make "secret friends" to chat freely with. To make a secret friend, you must get a secret code from the Friends List. You may then tell someone you know that code (for example, you can tell your friend at school, or you can tell your family members). When the other player types in your code, you will then be able to freely chat, and no one else will be able to see what you are saying. Each secret code can be used one time, and expires after 48 hours if unused.

Cog Buildings

  • You can now venture into Cog office buildings and rescue them from Cog domination, thereby saving Toontown! Up to four Toons can hop in a Cog elevator and battle through several floors and to the top. A Cog boss lurks at the top office of every building. Be careful, battles inside buildings are much tougher than out on the street, so stock up on gags, and find some friends to join you!

New Trolley Game

  • A new Trolley Game has been added -- the Ring Game. Swim through all the rings that are your color. If everybody swims through their rings successfully, your group gets bonus jelly beans.

New Cogs and New Cog Attacks

  • High-level Cogs have been added to increase difficulty in the tougher neighborhoods and inside Cog buildings. Cogs also now have more attacks.

Population Count

  • The Shticker Book now shows the "population" for each Toontown District, so that you can see how many people are playing in your District.

Playground Treasure

  • Treasure chests have been replaced with themed treasures for each Playground.

New Animation

  • More animation has been added for Toon battles and for Cog and Toon building takeover sequences.

Other Changes include: One new street, more signs, and many graphical fixes; Progress Meter improvements for download indicators; more Disney characters in the Playgrounds; ability to see other players' usernames; various performance and memory optimizations.


October 15, 2001 [Version 1.0.7]

Update fixed many known issues and added new features. Please see below for details.

Graphic Problems

  • If you see a problem with the graphics inside Toontown Online, in addition to attaching the log files please do the following BEFORE YOU EXIT:
  1. PRESS the F9 KEY to automatically save a screenshot image in a file named "[frame_number].bmp" which will be saved in "C:\Program Files\Disney\Disney Online\Toontown"
  2. Exit Toontown Online, go to the START MENU, select RUN, and type DXDIAG.EXE
  3. Click SAVE ALL INFORMATION, which saves the file DxDiag.txt, then exit DXDIAG.EXE
  4. Attach the files "DxDiag.txt" and "[frame_number].bmp" to the bug report, along with a description of the problem, and e-mail to

Under Contruction Areas

Signs for neighborhoods that aren't yet available are marked "under construction."

New Issues

  • Existing Toons may not have all the gags they had prior to this update. You may also have more gags than are allowed for your Toon (for example, 30/20 gags). To clear this, die in battle to reset your gag count. You will then need to complete "ToonTasks" to open these tracks up again.
  • The ability to teleport to other Playgrounds from the map now needs to be earned as a reward, but you can always teleport back to the last Playground you visited, or to any friend.
  • We have not deleted any existing Toon characters, but we recommend you create a new character on your account to properly test the new ToonTasks.
  • This update's patches are relatively large because so much new content is included. Future bug-fix type patches should be much smaller in size.
  • Some ToonTasks require you to defeat certain types of Cogs, such as Money, Corporate, Sales, or Legal -- see What's New for more on this. It is not obvious in the current release which Cogs are which. This will be addressed in a future update. To help you, Money Cogs have green dollar signs on their outfits, Sales Cogs wear dark plaid, Corporate Cogs wear blue suits, and the Legal Cogs wear brown suits.
  • Some ToonTasks require you to visit a certain Toon in Toontown. A future release will inform you exactly which building that Toon lives in. For now, look for word clues, such as finding "Henrietta Hog" in "The Hog Wash."
  • Although the free chat box is always available, only your "secret friends" will be able to understand what you type -- see What's New for more on this. If you see other Toons barking or meowing, it is because you are not secret friends with them. Use the ToonTalker to tell them to use the ToonTalker.
  • Another upcoming release should include Trolley Game improvements, new interface artwork, whisper messages, more Cog interiors, new Toon interiors with props, ToonTask improvements, and other enhancements. Please send e-mail to with your suggestions and feature requests.


November 29, 2001 [Version 1.0.7]


There is a new login procedure. Instead of logging in on the web page, just click the red "PLAY" button. You will be prompted for a user name and password once you are in the game. Your old user name (i.e. toonbeta555) and password will no longer work. Simply create a new account to play. Feel free to tell your friends and family to create accounts and play Toontown with you. Toontown is still free of charge during this beta period.

Your old Toons will no longer be in the game. We have started a new Toon database to support this easier login procedure and to make some final improvements to the Toontask system. Send email to with your old user name (i.e. toonbeta555) and the name of a newly created empty account to put your old toons in if you would like to restore your old Toons stats.

Trolley Games

  • Match Minnie has been completed with new artwork, sound effects, and animations.
  • The Tag game has new tag animation and sound effects.
  • The swim game has an easier to use camera mode.
  • The race game has working chance cards.


  • Mickey's old pal Pluto is hanging out in The Brrrgh neighborhood.
  • Interactive elements have been added to Minnie's and Daisy's playgrounds.
  • All streets have names which you will see on the tunnel signs.
  • Your map shows the street or playground you are currently in.
  • Many Toon buildings have new names.
  • Stop by any Toon side door (not the main double doors) for a knock knock joke.
  • The Toons have moved into their buildings with new furniture and decor.
  • Many collision surfaces have been fixed so you should get stuck less and pop through fences less.

Cog Buildings

  • Cog building interiors are now more in tune with the difficulty of the surrounding neighborhood.
  • You will see fewer cog buildings and a more balanced Cog behavior.
  • You can tell how many floors are inside Cog buildings and what floor you are on once inside with the new elevator lights just above the doors.
  • Cog buildings now show the name of the Toon building taken over.
  • When you defeat a Cog building, your experience gained on each floor is multiplied by the floor level, so as you work your way up you really rack up the experience!
  • Cogs walk in and out of cog building side doors now and open toon building front doors too.
  • Many high level Cog attacks have been added.
  • New sound effects have been inserted into many Cog attacks.

User Interface

  • Mouse pointer problems have been fixed.
  • New controls on the Options Page in the Shticker Book allow you to change the screen resolution and turn music and sound effects on and off.
  • The reward panel after winning battles now shows gag experience progress more clearly and updates your Toontask progress when you defeat Cogs relevant to your tasks.

Gag Experience

  • Your high level gags will no longer give you experience against low level Cogs. The gag detail window will show you when you will not get credit for using a gag in battle. Those gags which will not give you credit will also be a lighter color in your attack panel. You can still use them to defeat the Cogs, but you will not get experience towards the next gag.
  • Experience gained inside Cog buildings has gone up. Your experience gained on each floor is multiplied by the floor level.

Whisper Messages

  • Use chat or use the Toontalker to whisper to other Toons without anybody else hearing. You can whisper to anybody on your friends list or any Toon around you by clicking on them and selecting "Whisper" from the Toon detail panel.
  • You will hear automatic whisper messages whenever a Toon on your friends list enters or leaves Toontown Online.

Website and Login

  • A newly designed website along with a new email address are in place.
  • You will not be prompted to login to the website, instead you will be asked for your user name and password inside the game.
  • Creating new accounts is easier and quicker now. Just click the "Create Account" button on the title screen of the game to make a new Toontown account.
  • Feel free to tell your friends and family to download and create their own account to play too!


  • Toons will no longer ask you to visit a Toon building that has been taken over by Cogs.
  • To make it easier to find other Toons for your tasks, their building names and street names will appear in the ToonTask description in the Shticker Book.
  • Teleport rewards have been added to the ToonTasks to give access to teleport to the different playgrounds.
  • There are now tasks to defeat Cog buildings.


December 10, 2001 [Version 1.0.8]

Bug fixes

  • New ToonTask entries added to the ToonTalker.
  • Fixed bug preventing users from switching districts.
  • Fixed bug that caused crash when completing a building takeover ToonTask.
  • Added missing building name for Willy in Donald's Dock Playground.
  • Tweaked ring colors in Ring Trolley game.
  • Improved Toon network motion smoothing.
  • Fixed music (midi) playback problems.
  • Added elevator music to COG elevator sequence.
  • Adjusted experience for COG building battles.
  • Race Game is now 3 players or more only.
  • Adjusted camera position so Toon chat balloons will always be onscreen while giving ToonTasks.

December 20, 2001 [Version 1.0.9]

New Features

  • Now when you and your friends take over a COG building, your framed pictures will be displayed inside the Toon building in appreciation.
  • Most ToonTasks are now longer and more difficult, especially in the more advanced neighborhoods. In fact, you may notice the ToonTasks you are working on have changed.
  • Added several new phrases to ToonTalker:
    • Teleport to me.
    • Shall we go?
    • Meet here.
    • Let's wait for my friend.
    • Wait a minute.
    • Let's find other toons.
    • Let's go take over a COG building.
  • Added optional email address field when submitting bug. Enter your email address if you would like feedback or would be willing to be contacted for further information regarding your bug report.
  • Faster patching during updates.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed ToonTask bug that caused crash when assigned certain tasks in The Brrrgh.
  • Fixed bug that caused a crash when teleporting to a friend in another neighborhood from inside a Toon building.
  • Increased music volume.
  • Fixed flashing shadow on rug in Toon buildings.
  • Fixed gap behind "Dew Drop Inn" in Daisy Gardens.
  • Fixed missing building name in Tenor Terrace for "Anna's Cruises".
  • Fixed missing building in Tenor Terrace.
  • Fixed missing building name in Minnie's Playground for Molly Molloy.
  • Fixed missing building name in The Brrrgh for "House of Scarves".
  • Added building names to Dreamland Playground buildings.

December 21, 2001 [Version 1.0.10]

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug that caused server crash when user disconnected after COG building takeover.
  • Fixed bug where only the COGS on the top floor of buildings were counted towards ToonTask progress.
  • Fixed bug that caused the wrong Toon pictures to be placed on the wall when a Toon exits a COG building before defeating it.