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Release notes help us determine any changes on Toontown Online's open and test servers. This is the release notes page for 2002.

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Release Notes
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Toontown Test 20032004200520062007200820092010201120122013


January 4, 2002 [Version 1.0.11]

  • Fixed problems with high level Toons where stats may be lost or attempting to choose Toon would crash game.
  • Fixed bug causing crash when teleporting to friends in other districts.
  • Fixed bug where Toons would get stuck talking to NPCs when other Toons would approach at the same time.
  • Fixed many battle and walking through street crashes.
  • Fixed problem resolving Python path when conflicting versions of Python are installed.
  • Fixed crash when clicking on Flippy in tutorial, and other various tutorial bugs.
  • Various performance optimizations.
  • Improved name filtering.
  • Fixed problem where music could not be toggled on once toggled off.
  • Fixed stuttering walk backwards animation.

January 8, 2002 [Version 1.0.12]

  • Fixed many server crashes.
  • All Toons that lost access to gags should have access again.
  • Added better feedback to user when server is down.
  • Improved name filter.
  • Fixed bug that caused crash in certain cases when talking to the same NPC Toon twice in the same session.

January 10, 2002 [Version 1.0.13]

  • IMPORTANT: Gag experience levels changed! We have raised the experience levels for uncovering new gags. This means you probably lost access to several gags you already earned. We realize how horrible this is, but please understand one of the main reasons for supporting a beta is to balance the difficulty and playability of the game.
  • Fixed a few more server crashes.
  • Tweaked Cog behavior for more aggresive take-over strategy. You should start to see more Cog buildings in the world.
  • If you ask a Toon to be friends and they say no, you will not be able to ask again for a brief time.
  • Fixed several cracks and model problems in the world.
  • Improved name filter.
  • Re-fixed bug that caused crash in certain cases when talking to the same NPC Toon twice in the same session.
  • If you Alt-F4 in the middle of a battle to avoid losing, the Cogs will take all your gags and you will end up sad in the Playground just as if you lost the battle.
  • Upgraded server hardware.

January 16, 2002

  • End of Beta testing
  • You can report bad toon names.


September 10, 2002

What's new since Toontown Online Beta 1

  • Toontown Central
    • Explore the larger and richer Toontown Central playground.
  • Name That Toon!
    • The new name generator helps you create a name for your Toon from over 35 million combinations.
  • Create A Toon!
    • Choose Mickey or Minnie to create a boy or girl Toon.
  • Jump!
    • Now your Toon can catch some air.
  • Building Trophies
    • Earn a star trophy by taking over Cog Buildings. Beware! As Cogs take buildings back, you'll lose your star.
  • Cog Gallery
    • The new Cog Gallery page in you Shticker Book tracks your Cog battle victories.
  • Toon-torial
    • An expanded tutorial provides all the knowledge necessary for new players to jump right into the action.
  • Cog Details
    • Cogs now have health meters and indicate which track (Bossbot, Lawbot, Sellbot, or Cashbot) they are from.
  • Dodge-A-Cog Trolley Game
    • Collect the candy but stay away from the Cogs. Clear the entire level for a bonus!
  • Jellybean Jar
    • Carry your extra Jellybeans around with you. Upgrade to bigger Jellybean jars by completing ToonTasks.
  • Gag Shops
    • It's easy to restock your gags at the newly opened Gag Shops, located in each playground.
  • Match Minnie Improvements
    • Play this challenging game of speed and memory. Who among your friends can repeat the pattern fastest?
  • TaskTalker
    • Tell your friends what ToonTasks you are working on. As you collect and complete ToonTasks, your menu automatically updates.
  • Toon Headquarters
    • Toon Headquarters, located in every playground, are clearinghouses for ToonTasks.
  • Building Arrows
    • Building arrows help you find that building you are looking for.
  • Snow in The Brrrgh
    • It's snowing!
  • Clothing Stores
    • Shop for new and exclusive clothes at stores in the playgrounds.

Also new...

  • New ToonTasks
  • Choose your own gag track
  • Respond to a whisper by clicking on it
  • Engine and Server optimization
  • Higher resolution textures
  • Windows XP support
  • DirectX 8 support
  • 1600x1200 resolution support
  • Faster loading and patching time
  • Improved proxy handling
  • Improved uninstall
  • New name filter system
  • Chat progress buttons
  • Improved tunnel transition animations

September 13, 2002 [sv1.0.27]

  • Fixed many client side crashes.

September 16, 2002 [sv1.0.29]

  • We fixed the 35HP limit ToonTask bug and extra gag track choosing ToonTasks. To do so, we had to revoke some track access and HP that was given out prematurely. You may find you no longer have access to some gag tracks given as a result of this bug. Rest assured, your Toon will keep all experience gained while using that track. You will see this experience reappear when your Toon has retrained those tracks. A few Toons also lost some ToonTask progress and will need to pick between Drop and Lure again. We apologize for this error.
  • Your bug reports have been a great help to the development of Toontown. Thank you for your continued support as we strive to make Toontown the best game it can be. We expect to send out more accounts to fan club members once this latest release is stable.

Other fixes include:

  • Fixed missing sidewalk grass and stair textures in Daisy Gardens.
  • Fixed left-over Toons standing in minigames.
  • Fixed bug causing large holes in streets.
  • Fixed problems caused by having older versions of Toontown installed.
  • Fixed several graphics card related problems.
  • Fixed various battle bugs.
  • Added default login field.
  • Improved wording on Gag Track ToonTasks.

September 30, 2002 [sv1.0.31]

  • Deliver bugle quest was changed to deliver squirt gun.
  • Jellybean Jar with limit of 10 was fixed to 100.
  • Fixed several player accounts that could not get ToonTasks.
  • Fixed server crash after battle when reaching quota in Cog Gallery.
  • Added new ToonTasks in several neighborhoods.
  • Balanced Trolley Game scoring.
  • Added new cooperative Cannon Game scoring system.
  • Added more stairs to Toon Headquarter interiors.
  • Added Toon Headquarters to each street.
  • Improved street layout and design in Toontown Central.
  • Buildings with ToonTask NPCs may now be taken over in all neighborhoods except Toontown Central.
  • Increased Trap damage.
  • Adjusted Cog Building floor experience multipliers.
  • Fixed door problems in Donalds Dock and Daisy Gardens Headquarters.
  • Added new ToonTask type to defeat Cogs in a specific neighborhoods or streets.
  • Added SpeedChat explanation to ToonTorial.
  • Building Cogs now give credit towards Cog Gallery completion.
  • New Sound library.
  • Fixed problem causing music to play out of tune or after exiting.
  • Fixed several battle crashes.
  • Fixed multiple Toon trap and lure experience multiplier when used in same round of battle.
  • Fixed problem causing battle to effect Toons in playgrounds.
  • Fixed lipstick toon-up animation.
  • Fixed unreachable drum in Minnie's Melodyland.


October 4, 2002 [sv1.0.32]

  • Thank you for all the feedback on build 31. We appreciate your thoughtful comments and take all feedback on the game very seriously. Balancing a game of this nature is a difficult task that requires lots of iteration. We appreciate your patience as we continue this process.
  • Fixed ToonTask access problems Fixed Cog Radar crashes Reduced difficulty of several ToonTasks Reduced number of area-specific ToonTasks Added more clothing quests Added new login artwork Adjusted Cog balance in Minnie's Melodyland

October 4, 2002 [sv1.0.33]

  • Fixed more ToonTask access problems Added dialog for NPC's reason for not giving out tasks New Toon-Torial animations Fixed watching battle camera problem Re-Balanced Brrrgh ToonTasks Increased Jellybean rewards Repaired clothing quests.

October 8, 2002 [sv1.0.35]

  • New optional ToonTasks
  • Fixed occasional long pause after victory dance.
  • Fixed bug causing TNT not to be sprung by low-level toons.
  • Fixed some problems with lure not registering bonus damage.
  • Fixed reward panel incorrectly counting Cogs towards ToonTasks in wrong area.
  • Fixed problem causing Drop Track to be awarded in place of trained track.
  • Fixed problem causing wrong track choice ToonTask to be presented.
  • Improved ToonTorial environment.
  • Added Toon Headquarters to Donald's Dreamland street.
  • Fixed problem giving wrong ToonTask for clothing ticket reward.
  • Added more ToonTasks to Minnie's Melodyland neighborhood.

October 11, 2002 [sv1.0.37]

  • New ToonTasks poster artwork.
  • New clothing shop stores in all Playgrounds.
  • Ramps are fixed in Donald's Dock Playground.
  • Clothing Ticket ToonTask crash is fixed.
  • Higher resolution textures of gags in Shticker Book.
  • Crash running in to Punchline Place is fixed.
  • Big Toon and Small Toon rewards are scaled up.
  • Substantially extended duration of optional effects for advanced Toons.
  • Rebalanced difficulty of some quests in Daisy Gardens.
  • Fixed bug causing upside-down Toons in some Cog elevators.
  • Fixed one-way Headquarter doors.
  • Fixed account server connection problems before login.
  • Improved Toontorial.

October 14, 2002 [sv1.0.38]

  • Added full Toon-up when finishing steps of ToonTasks.
  • Balanced Daisy Gardens ToonTasks.
  • Balanced The Brrrgh ToonTasks.
  • Changed many recover item ToonTasks to simpler Cog types.
  • Improved collisions on Clothing Shops.
  • Fixed wrong battle center on Punchline Place.
  • Fixed $5 bill lure icon.
  • Improved ToonTask and HQ section of Toon-torial.
  • Added missing animations in Toon-torial.
  • Fixed missing models in Toon-torial.

October 18, 2002 [sv1.0.39]

  • Added Minnie to Toon-torial.
  • Fixed several minor ToonTask bugs.
  • Fixed SpeedChat crash when working on certain ToonTasks.
  • Moved "Logout" button from Shticker Book to Pick-A-Toon.
  • New download servers.

October 19, 2002 [sv1.0.41]

  • Beta 2 officially closes on Monday, October 21, 2002
  • Adjusted ToonTask poster layout to be easier to read.
  • Adjusted Mickey and Pluto walking paths.
  • Fixed crash with missing ToonTasks.
  • Fixed Lost Connection error when trying to name a new Toon.

October 21, 2002

  • Disney's Toontown Online Beta 2 has officially ended. Thank you for all the feedback and hard work put in to the beta test. Your comments and bug reports helped make Toontown a better place for everyone.
  • We have officially launched the Sneak Preview, and all beta accounts have been deactivated. As part of this Sneak Preview, the initial offer to subscribe will be a discounted $9.95 to sign up and play for one month, and then $5.95 per month afterwards. This discounted pricing will only be available to charter members who participate in the Sneak Preview. Beta testers, remember to sign up with the same e-mail address used during the beta.

October 23, 2002 [sv1.0.42]

  • We found a problem where two separate accounts with the same exact name differing only by capitalization, such as "Flippy" and "flippy", were actually sharing the same Toons.
  • We have created separate accounts for those that had this conflict and have sent an email to those accounts that were renamed and had an email address entered. Accounts that were renamed now have a "2" at the end, such as "Flippy2". All passwords remained the same.
  • We sincerely apologize for this confusion. To simplify things, account names are no longer case-sensitive, and nobody should have this problem in the future.

Also new:

  • Added Cog track icons to elevators and Cog detail panels. Added splash effects for fish. Added several new SpeedChat phrases. Improved web proxy support.


November 5, 2002 [sv1.1.1]

  • Fixed some problems with proxies.
  • Balanced Cog building types better. It should be easier to find sellbot and lawbot buildings now.
  • Fixed occasional crash when leaving a crowded playground.
  • Fixed problems applying patches. (This should result in a faster update.)

November 12, 2002 [sv1.2.0]

  • Added ripple effects in the water.
  • Improved clothing shop interface.
  • Friendlier friend rejection messages.
  • New friend detail panel.
  • Added "Do you need help?" to the SpeedChat menus.
  • Added a "stunned" animation for Cogs in battle.
  • Fixed several problems users were having downloading and/or updating Toontown.
  • Fixed random lost connections for dial-up users.
  • Give a more verbose explanation in case the connection is lost.

November 16, 2002 [sv1.2.1]

  • Fixed crash when creating a toon before content has finished downloading.
  • Reduced memory leak.
  • Added level 12 Cogs to some 5-story buildings in Donald's Dreamland.
  • Fixed bug in which some completed tasks were not recognized by ToonHQ.
  • Fixed mouse cursor for ATI Radeon and Intel I810 graphics cards on old Windows 2000 and XP drivers.

November 21, 2002 [sv1.2.1]

  • International credit card registration is now working.

November 26, 2002 [sv1.3.0]

  • New Tug-of-War trolley game.
  • Now you can name your Toon during the free trial.
  • New Tag trolley game arena.
  • New Flash intro movie.
  • Many minor model and texture fixes.
  • Fixed several rare trolley game bugs.
  • Fixed attack ordering error in battle when Cogs defeat a Toon with multiple attacks in a single round. This bug made it appear that the Cog was attacking for much more damage than it really was.
  • Fixed ToonTask bug causing the wrong gag track choices to be offered.
  • Added some new effects to the Cannon Game.


December 17, 2002 [sv1.3.2]

  • Holiday decorations.
  • To prevent accidental Toon deletion, now you must confirm delete with your password.
  • Fixed server clocks which caused Toon effects like invisibility to be lost when switching Districts.