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Release notes help us determine any changes on Toontown Online's open and test servers. This is the release notes page for 2008.

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Release Notes
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January 17, 2008 [sv1.0.31.5]

  • Fixed a bug that affected the SpeedChat phrase discard GUI panel. This panel comes up when your Toon has the maximum number of SpeedChat phrases and you either try to buy another phrase or receive one as a gift in your MailBox. The bug would allow you to "click thru" the SC phrase discard panel and click on whatever button that happens to be under it, accidentally bringing up another panel which would cause you to be "stuck".
  • Removed JellyBean combinations for flowers that does not exist but would still be accepted, causing issues with your Garden.
  • Various stability enhancements.


March 6, 2008 [sv1.0.32.17]

  • Bossbot Headquarters Released!
  • Attention Toons of Toontown! The Toon Council is pleased to announce that Toons are now cleared to storm the headquarters of the Bossbots. That's right, Bossbot Headquarters is now open! Toons can reach Bossbot HQ via Chip 'n Dale's MiniGolf -- where a new Cog-constructed tunnel has mysteriously appeared. It turns out the Bossbots are hiding out in their Country Club, playing endless games of golf, and it's up to resourceful Toons to stop them!
  • Once you enter, there are three Bossbot Country Club courses available. While any Toon can enter "The Front Three," a minimum of 101 Laff points is required for "The Middle Six," with 106 Laff points needed for "The Back Nine." Play through each to earn your Stock Options. The "ultra-exclusive" Bossbot Clubhouse contains the toughest Cogs in all of Toontown, even upgraded v2.0 Cogs, so you'll need to work on a new Bossbot Disguise to enter "unnoticed." To begin building your Bossbot Disguise, visit Toon HQ after completing the ToonTasks after Donald's Dreamland. Plus, earn a total Laff boost of +5 upon completing all levels of your "The Big Cheese" Bossbot disguise. Once you are ready, don your Bossbot Disguise and enter the Clubhouse to face many new challenges -- including the dreaded Bossbot C.E.O. Keep Toontown safe from the Bossbots and defeat the C.E.O. to earn a Pink Slip reward to dispatch a deserving Cog! Toons of the World Unite!

Other bug fixes in this release:

  • Fixed a bug where if your Toon has a full Friends List and you try to add another friend, you see a dialog window erroneously stating they have a full Friends List.
  • Fixed bug where a long list of ToonTask SpeedChat phrases would cause the menu to go pass the bottom of the screen.
  • Improved auto-capitalization in Type-A-Name.
  • Fixed bug where Toons had trouble opening their bigger Closets.
  • Fixed bug where Free Account players would be mistakenly taken to the Report A Bug page after exiting normally.

March 19, 2008 [sv1.0.32.19]

  • Fixed issue that would cause particularly lagged Toons to look like they are flattened by the C.E.O. even though they actually did hop off the table in time.
  • Made the door leading into the Banquet Hall open wider so Toons would not run "into" it when they enter.
  • Fixed rare client crash which could occur inside Banquet Hall.
  • Fixed bug which cause the Laff Meter to not be visible during the Banquet Hall "left over diners" battle sequence in C.E.O.
  • Fixed a bug which had a chance of allowing extremely lagged players to register being on a table using the seltzer bottle and at the same time teeing off at the C.E.O.
  • Fixed a bug which caused the words "Maze Race" to stay on screen after teleporting out of the maze.
  • Fixed a crash bug which occurred when one Toon teleports out of the Mole Stomp game while another continued to play.
  • Change text to refer to "kart" instead of "elevator" the dialog window which appears when you try to play the golf games in the Bossbot Country Club without meeting the minimum Laff requirements.
  • Fixed missing flying bat sound in the Jungle Vines Trolley game.
  • Fixed a few C.E.O. related client crash bugs.

March 27, 2008 [sv1.0.32.21]

  • Fixed rare client crash in Mole Stomp game.
  • Fixed client crash which occurs during the Banquet Hall sequences when a Toon goes to the conveyor belt for Cog Food or Toonup items. This crash only happens on very crowded/lagged districts.
  • Fixed crash bug which occurs sometimes when Toons try to teleport to a friend inside Bossbot HQ.
  • Fixed crash that happens when a Toon with a rejected name tries to go back to Type-A-Name to either try another name or pick one from the Pick-A-Name panel.
  • Fixed missing sound f/x in the Toon Memory Game.
  • Toons will now face the "right" direction when they first teleport into a Bossbot HQ Country Club golf game area.


April 30, 2008 [sv1.0.33.3]

  • We have added fonts for purchase in the Cattlelog, so that you can show off your Toontastic names in style! New fonts will appear with subsequent Cattlelog releases, so watch for them!
  • We've also made various stability enhancements.


May 1, 2008 [sv1.0.33.6]


  • We are aware of the issue with viewing the Toon Detail Panel through your Friends List. We are still working on a fix for this. Until the next release, please click on the Toon's nametag to see their details.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed many crash causing bugs which occurred when your Toon teleported, or ran through tunnels.
  • Fixed crash bug which occured while your Toon watched other Toons ride the Geyser in Acorn Acres.

May 2, 2008 [sv1.0.33.7]

  • Fixed crash which occurs when you check a Toon's detail via the Toon Detail Panel through your Friends List.
  • Made additional stability enhancements.


June 25, 2008 [sv1.0.34.9]

  • The Toon Council is excited to announce the arrival of some Toontastic Member-exclusive items to Clarabelle's Cattlelog! There are five brand-new acting lessons and three brand-new clothing sets available for purchase by long-standing Toontown players within a special section of the Cattlelog. Check your next issue of Clarabelle's Cattlelog to see which ones are available to your Toon -- now and in the future.
  • Also, super-gardeners rejoice -- you can now plant a garden statue of any Toon in your account or any Toon on your Friends List! Four new gardening statues are available for purchase by expert gardeners with a Gold Shovel and a minimum of 639 Skill Points.
  • We have also added two new safety features. First, if another player is acting more like a Cog than a Toon, you can block them with the brand-new Ignore feature. Second, if a friend on your Friends List has decided to act less than favorable, and is breaking the Disney House Rules, you can escalate the issue to a moderator for review using the Report a Player feature. For more information on these new safety features, please click here.
  • Known Issues: Chat between Disney DXD and Toontown is temporarily disabled. Also, Player Friends are not visible on your Toon's Friends List. We expect this service to be restored soon, thank you for your patience!


July 1, 2008 [sv1.0.34.11]

  • Fixed issue with Cogs not making speech sounds before their attacks in battles.
  • Fixed bug which kept Toons from having the correct maximum number of friends.
  • Added new SpeedChat phrase under "SORRY" category, "Sorry, my Friends List is full."
  • Improved "look and feel" of the C.F.O. battle (there should be less occurrence of goons/safes hanging in mid-air or not looking smooth as they are tossed).
  • Fixed crash bug which occurs if another Toon closes his/her window during the post Trolley game Gag purchase phase where multiple Toons are buying gags.

July 3, 2008 [sv1.0.34.13]

  • Fixed crash bug which could occur during a Cog battle involving multiple Toons.
  • Fixed crash which could occur while playing Trolley Games.

July 11, 2008 [sv1.0.34.14]

  • Fixed crash bug which could occur during Chief Justice battle's "Jury selection" Cannon game.
  • Additional fix to C.F.O. battle client crash involving the same object (Goon/Safe) being grabbed by multiple crane magnets.


August 6, 2008 [sv1.0.35.5]

  • The Month of Trolley Games is finally here! The first new Trolley game this month is the Ice Slide game, so grab a friend and head over to the Trolley to slide your way to a toontastic good time!
  • Ice Slide: Glide on the ice with other toons while trying to get to the center. Be sure to avoid the explosive obstacles!

August 8, 2008 [sv1.0.35.6]

  • Fixed rare Ice Slide crash bug.
  • Fixed rare condition where your Toon would be outside of the tire during Ice Slide.
  • Added reminder message during Ice Slide if a Toon forgets to use the Ctrl key to launch.

August 12, 2008 [sv1.0.35.7]

  • This was a maintenance release.

August 13, 2008 [sv1.0.35.8]

  • The Month of Trolley Games continues! This week's new game is Photo Fun. Ride any neighborhood Trolley to check it out.
  • Photo Fun: Become a Toon Shutterbug by matching your Toon subjects with their sample pictures. Improve your score by matching the Toon action as close as possible -- get a five star shot by capturing an exact match!
  • Added various stability enhancements to the Trolley Games.

August 14, 2008 [sv1.0.35.9]

  • Fixed bug which caused screenshots to come out inverted.
  • Fixed various rare crash bugs in Photo Fun.

August 20, 2008 [sv1.0.35.12]

  • The Month of Trolley Games is in full swing and we are pleased to release our third Toontastic game -- Toon Escape! Ride any neighborhood Trolley to experience all of the action in this wacky side-scrolling Trolley Game.
  • Toon Escape: Escape the Cog den before the timer runs out to earn jellybeans. Watch out for patrolling Cogs!

August 21, 2008 [sv1.0.35.13]

  • Fixed a crash bug in Toon Escape.

August 22, 2008 [sv1.0.35.14]

  • Added additional stability enhancements to Toon Escape.

August 27, 2008 [sv1.0.35.16]

  • The Month of Trolley Games is reaching a fever pitch! The Toon Council is excited to announce our fourth Toontastic game -- Cog Thief! Ride any neighborhood Trolley to help protect our gag supply from the invading Cogs in this challenging Trolley Game.
  • Cog Thief: Keep the Cogs from stealing the gag barrels until the timer runs out. The longer there are barrels left the more jellybeans you'll earn. Grab some friends and "Save Our Gags!"

Other changes:

  • Fixed a rare crash bug occuring in Toon Escape.
  • Fixed a crash bug with the Estate Cannon Rental.


September 11, 2008 [sv1.0.35.18]

  • Fixed crash bug which occurs during multiplayer Catch Game. Previously if one Toon exited the remaining Toons would crash out.
  • Fixed bug in Treasure Dive so that the Peanut Butter and Jellyfish is animated once more.
  • Fixed a few client crash bugs in Cog Thief.
  • Fixed bugs and made tweaks to Toon Escape.
  • Flying Cogs in Toon Escape now have propellers on their heads.

September 25, 2008 [sv1.0.36.3]

Attention Toons! The Toon Council is thrilled to announce that the top three Toon-designed furniture items are now ready for Toons to enjoy. These Toontastic new items are available for purchase starting with your next Cattlelog!

Other Changes

  • Fixed the missing jellybeans in the flower planting GUI.
  • Fixed server crash due to bug with interior elevators.
  • Fixed crash when a Stomper stomps a toon with one laff.
  • Fixed bug which caused the Maze Game in Bossbot HQ to end even though the clock shows there is time left.


October 16, 2008 [sv1.0.36.4]

This was a maintenance release.

October 22, 2008 [sv1.0.36.5]

  • Fixed crash bug which occurs when a player who has not finished downloading all of Toontown clicks on another Toon to bring up the Toon Panel.
  • Fixed crash that happens when a player with the Limited True Friends setting enters a True Friend code without the "TT" prefix.
  • Players playing with the ActiveX client (login via website and not the Launcher) will now be correctly asked for their password when trying to delete a Toon.

October 29, 2008 [sv1.0.36.7]

Added Halloween decorations to Toontown. Be sure to check out Mickey's spooky surprise when it gets dark!

October 30, 2008 [sv1.0.36.8]

This was a maintenance release.


November 03, 2008 [sv1.0.36.9]

This was a maintenance release.

November 13, 2008 [sv1.0.36.10]

Improved the look of the ToonHQ exterior in Donald's Dock playground and streets.


December 4, 2008 [sv1.0.36.10.v2]

This was a maintenance release.

December 19, 2008 [sv1.0.37.5]

SpeedChat Plus

  • Players have asked for more ways to chat in-game, and we've listened! The Toon Council is proud to announce our latest addition to Toontown: SpeedChat Plus!
  • SpeedChat Plus is a form of type chat that allows users to communicate by using the Disney SpeedChat Plus dictionary. Words that are not in the dictionary will be highlighted in red. You then have the opportunity to choose alternative words prior to sending your message. Now you can really express yourself in Toontown like never before! Check the New section for details on this exciting new feature.

Winter Holiday Decorations

  • Toons are having a jolly Winter Holiday as Toontown receives a seasonal Toon-up this year with brand-new decorations. Explore each neighborhood to see all of the Toontastic holiday trees and street lamps.

Winter Holiday Items

  • Check out Clarabelle's Cattlelog for some brand-new holiday items -- including complete winter outfits, fireplaces to keep Toons toasty, and a bevy of Winter Holiday Estate decorations--including an interior wreath, seasonal moldings, and a Winter Tree to top it all off.
  • Plus, there is a very special Estate snowman gardening statue for Toons to enjoy, which requires a gardening shovel skill of one point to plant. So be sure to get one...before he melts away!

December 29, 2008 [sv1.0.37.7]

  • Fixed an issue where the chat buttons could disappear from the game window in some circumstances.
  • Fixed a bug where a Free Player Toon who clicks on the Whisper Panel's blue Type Chat button will bring up the Features Panel instead of the Whisper Type Chat box.
  • Fixed thought bubbles so they will not disappear on their own.