Toons Really Do Unite

Rental cog suit

A rental cog suit was a Sellbot cog suit that could be used by toons during "Operation: Storm Sellbot". Toons who did not have a Sellbot suit, including non-members, could enter the elevator in Sellbot Towers and battle the Vice President, disguised as a Cold Caller.[1]

Unlike a normal cog suit, a toon using the rental cog suit will not be promoted to the next level or cog, regardless of whether they have the Sellbot cog suit or not.

After the events of "Operation: Storm Sellbot", the rental cog suits were stuffed into storage.[2]


  • The look of the rental cog suit is stitched up with some cloth patches and has three safety pins on the back.
  • Toons who have an expired membership and still have their normal cog disguises receive a rental suit but the level of their suit is still the same from their normal suit.


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