Not to be confused with the V.P. rewards, SOS Toon (VP).

Field office SOS toons are a weaker set of SOS toons. These SOS cards can be earned from the shopkeepers inside a field office after you defeat the cogs in the room. Their gags are weaker than the SOS cards earned from defeating the Senior Vice President.

There are 12 field office SOS toons.

These SOS toons' rarity ranges from no stars to two stars.


Toon-Up SOS toons heal toons in battle. The amount of laff points healed depends on the SOS toon.

Phil Bettur (10 laff points, Bamboo Cane), Emma Phatic (20 laff points, Bamboo Cane), and GiggleMesh (30 laff points, Bamboo Cane) are the Toon-Up SOS toons.


Lure SOS toons lure all cogs in battle. As with any gag, these toons' gags are not guaranteed to lure the cogs.

Des Traction (1 round, Small Magnet), Dee Version (2 rounds, Small Magnet), and Bo Nanapeel (3 rounds, Big Magnet) are the Lure SOS toons.


Sound SOS toons attack all cogs in battle.

Bea Sharpe (10 damage, Whistle), Otto Toon (20 damage, Aoogah), and Al Capella (30 damage, Elephant Trunk) are the Sound SOS toons.


Drop SOS toons will attack all unlured cogs in battle. As a Drop gag, the gag will always miss when used on lured cogs.

Anne Ville (20 damage, Sandbag), Bud Erfingerz (35 damage, Anvil), and J.S. Bark (50 damage, Big Weight are the Drop SOS toons.


  • Unlike the SOS toons given by defeating the Vice President, there are no Trap, Cogs Always Miss, Toons Always Hit, or Restock Gags SOS toons.
  • Field office SOS toons first introduced pig SOS toons: Al Capella and Anne Ville.
    • They also introduced the first bear SOS toons: Emma Phatic, GiggleMesh, and Otto Toon.
    • Monkeys were also new to being SOS toons: Phil Bettur and Bo Nanapeel.
  • None of the Field Ofiice SOS Toons are actual shop owners, but they are shop owners' friends.
  • The names of the field office SOS toons are puns of words or phrases.
  • When you rescue the shopkeeper, you only get 1 call, unlike the VP where you get 2.
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