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This article is about the effect after losing all the toon's laff points. For more uses of "Sad", see Sad.

A sad toon.

When a toon loses all of his/her laff points, it will become "sad" and be sent to the nearest playground. Toons become sad when a cog defeats them in battle. When a toon is sad, their laff meter will become lime green with two Xs in the eyes and the tongue sticking out. The cogs will take all of the toon's gags. If a toon is sad, they cannot go on the trolley, go on the streets to fight cogs, or go to their estates until they have gained at least one laff point.


The Cog will do its attack, and the Toon bends over. A wah wah waaaaah sound is played, as the Toon's Laff Meter turns lime green with a dead face ("x"es for eyes and a tongue stuck out) on it. The Toon turns around, shrinks, and disappears as it is transported back to the playground. During this animation, the Cog(s) will taunt the Toon with the Cog Victory Dance and then fly away.


  • Becoming sad from a train in Cashbot Headquarters will not take a toon's gags.
  • Sad toons cannot jump, and they walk slower than happy toons.
  • Sad toons can be easily identified, because their heads drop downwards.
  • When a toon is sad in the Mover Maze in a field office, or the cogs win the Chief Justice battle, the toon does not lose their gags.
  • When a toon becomes sad and no other toons are in battle, the battle ends, and the cog(s) will fly away, even if another toon attempts to start a battle with the cog(s).
  • When a toon loses in the Toon Slingshot game on the trolley, they will do the sad animation, although it doesn't affect the toon's laff or gags.
  • There is a glitch that allows one to be sad in a street. However, they will not gain laff points in the street.


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