Safe-ty Helmet is a signature boss cog move of the Chief Financial Officer. Unlike all other cog moves, this move does not do any direct harm to toons. Instead, it does it for its own "safety", and it uses a Safe, hence the name. Whenever a toon throws a safe at the C.F.O. without him being stunned by a goon, it will put it on like a helmet to protect it from any damage. Sometimes it will put a safe on its head without any toons throwing one if it is positioned near it. It can only be removed by having a toon hit its head with another safe.


  • This move's name was coined by Mata Hairy.
  • There is an occasional glitch where the C.F.O. will obtain an invisible "Safe-Ty Helmet." You can tell if he has an invisible "Safe-Ty Helmet" on if he has a double pair of eyes.
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