File:Safeicon.pngThe Safe is the Level Five Drop Gag. They do 60 damage, or 66 when grown on a Gag tree.


  1. A Toon presses a button, safe falls out of sky.
  2. The cog is crushed by the safe.
  3. The cog will either be destroyed, or get up and return back to normal.


  • Safe has made many Toons get the Drop track, which is unusual because of the low accuracy of Drop Gags.
  • It is a medium Gag, meaning it's not too weak and it's not too strong.
  • As a Drop Gag, this Gag does not recieve Lure Bonus as it will miss on Lured Cogs.
  • The texture on the Safe is on the opposite side as it is in the GUI.
  • A safe is seen hanging down from every gag shop in toontown.
  • Since it is a non-level six or over drop Gag, it starts out with its maximum non-organic damage.
  • You use this gag to damage the CFO.
  • This is the only Drop Gag that has medium accuracy.
A safe Drop on a Money Bags

When a safe hits.

File:Safe 1.jpg
File:Safe gagshop brrrgh.jpg
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