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This article is about a gag used in the Chief Financial Officer battle. For more uses of "Safe", see Safe.

A safe

The Safe is a gag that toons use to fight the Chief Financial Officer at the Cashbot Vault.


The battle round against the CFO takes place in a octagon room with four podiums for operating magnet cranes, and two safes are placed alongside each one of the podiums. The toons then need to lift goons using the magnets and throw them at the CFO, in order to injure him.

Every several hits, the CFO gets stunned (becomes dizzy), at which point the toons can use the magnets to lift the safes and throw them at the CFO, which can deal much more damage than goons do- up to 50.

If the CFO is not stunned and gets hit by a safe, he would use the safe as a Safe-ty Helmet, which provides protectio against further damage. A Safe-ty Helmet can only be removed by hitting the CFO with an additional safe, and thereby remove the safe that has been used as a helmet.


  • Unlike its real gag counterpart, it can be reused after is has hit the CFO.
  • When a safe is being thrown and then hits the ground, any goon at which it lands is destroyed. This is one of the three ways for destroying goons.
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