Seaweed Street
Seaweed Street Tunnel
Not at all slimy or gross!
Donald's Dock
Goes to:
Maple Street
General information
Minimum cog level: 3
Maximum cog level: 6
Max building floors: 4 floors
Building cog level: 9
Cog type rarity
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0% 0% 90% 10%
Seaweed Street
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Seaweed Street is a street near Donald's Dock. It leads to Maple Street in Daisy Gardens.

This street has many Cashbots. It is also home to Ahab's Prefab Sea Crab Center, where toons must go for a ToonTask to get the final frame for their fourth gag track.

The fisherman at this street's fishing hole is Fisherman Reed.


  1. That's a Moray! The Eel Deal (Emily Eel)
  2. Squid's for All Your Seaweed Needs (Sid Squid)
  3. Good Luck Horseshoe Crabs (Coral Reef)
  4. All for Nautical (Shep Ahoy)
  5. The Reel Deal (Blisters McKee)
  6. Ducks Back Water Co. (Carla Canal)
  7. Run Aground Taxi Service (Brian Beachead)
  8. Be More Pacific Ocean Notions (Pacific Tim)
  9. This Oar That (Heave Ho)
  10. Mermaid Swimwear Half Off! (CC Weed)
  11. Art's Smart Chart Mart (Art)
  12. Reel 'Em Inn (Rod Reel)
  13. Able-Bodied Gym (Rocky Shores)
  14. Deep-Sea Diner (Dinah Down)
  15. Barnacle Bargains (Barnacle Barbara)
  16. Windjammers and Jellies (Gusty Kate)
  17. Root Beer Afloats (Bonzo Bilgepump)
  18. Gifts with a Porpoise (Dante Dolphin)
  19. Peanut Butter and Jellyfish (Toby Tonguestinger)
  20. Sails For Sale (Wynn Bag)
  21. Wok the Plank Chinese Food (Gang Wei)
  22. Ahab's Prefab Sea Crab Center (Ahab)
  23. Buoys and Gulls Nursery School (Professor Plank)

In other languages

Language Name
FR French Rue des Récifs
ES Spanish Avenida de Las Algas
D German Seetangstraße[1]
BRZ Brazilian Portuguese
Japan Japanese シーウィード・ストリート


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