Go! And make that sale, Sellbots!

–The Sellbot Vice President

Sellbots are one of the four types of cogs. They are the masters of the art of trade, selling to obtain money. Their headquarters is located off Daisy Gardens on Oak Street.


The art of the deal is the only thing the oily Sellbots care about, and if you're not a hot commodity, they won't give you the time of day. Sellbots are often on Oak Street and Elm Street in Daisy Gardens and Alto Avenue in Minnie's Melodyland, with occasional trips to Sleet Street in the Brrrgh.

Toontown Player's Guide

Insignia and Suit

The Sellbot symbol looks like a bar graph, this representing the Sellbots expertise in sales. Their suit is similar to the Bossbot suit, only being darker and having a tartan pattern. The Sellbot suit also includes a shirt which is unbuttoned at the neck, with no tie. All Sellbots have pink hands (the exception being the Cold Caller, who has blue hands).

The Sellbots

Name Lowest Level Highest Level Image
Cold Caller Level 1 Level 5 Cold Caller
Telemarketer Level 2 Level 6 Telemarketer
Name Dropper Level 3 Level 7 Name Dropper
Glad Hander Level 4 Level 8 Glad Hander
Mover & Shaker Level 5 Level 9 Mover & Shaker
Two-Face Level 6 Level 10 Two-Face
The Mingler Level 7 Level 11 Mingler
Mr. Hollywood Level 8 Level 12 Mr.Hollywood
Vice President N/A N/A Sellbot V.P.


Sellbots are generally located at Elm Street and Oak Street in Daisy Gardens or Alto Avenue in Minnie's Melodyland. Locations with no Sellbots are excluded from the table.

Location Neighborhood Percentage
Sellbot Headquarters Sellbot Headquarters 100%
Oak Street Daisy Gardens 85%
Elm Street Daisy Gardens 70%
Alto Avenue Minnie's Melodyland 50%
Punchline Place Toontown Central 40%
Sleet Street The Brrrgh 40%
Silly Street Toontown Central 25%
Lullaby Lane Donald's Dreamland 25%
Maple Street Daisy Gardens 20%
Loopy Lane Toontown Central 10%
Seaweed Street Donald's Dock 10%
Lighthouse Lane Donald's Dock 10%
Baritone Boulevard Minnie's Melodyland 10%
Polar Place The Brrrgh 5%
Pajama Place Donald's Dreamland 5%

Cog Trading Cards



Four different Sellbot cogs in battle

  • Sellbots are currently the only cogs to have two different cog buildings: Regular cog buildings and field offices.
  • Sellbots are the most powerful cogs, because the Glad Hander's Schmooze attack can make one toon in battle lose up to 20 laff points, the Mover & Shaker's Quake attack can make all toons in battle lose up to 21 laff points, the Two-Face's Evil Eye attack can make one toon in battle lose up to 18 laff points, and the Mingler's Paradigm Shift can make all toons in battle lose up to 24 laff points.
    • Even though a Mr. Hollywood can go up to level 12 and a Mingler can only go up to level 11, a Mingler is more powerful than a Mr. Hollywood with the cog move Paradigm Shift.
  • Sellbots are the only cog type to not wear ties in the game, but some of them wear ties on their Trading Cards.
  • In the Toontown trailer, a Micromanager was wearing a Sellbot suit.
  • The last five Cogs on the Sellbot corporate ladder are smiling or showing teeth, while the first three cogs are frowning, the sellbot V.P has both a smile and a frown.

In other languages

Language Name
FR French Vendibot [1]
ES Spanish Vendebot[2]
D German Schachermat[3]
BRZ Brazilian Portuguese Robô Vendedor[4]
Japan Japanese セルボット Sellbot [5]


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