Shelly Seaweed
Shelly Seaweed
Physical description
Gender: Female
Species: Mouse
Color: Maroon
Building: Kelp Around the House
Street: Lighthouse Lane
Area: Donald's Dock
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Shelly Seaweed is a toon NPC mouse who owns Kelp Around the House Maid Service on Lighthouse Lane in Donald's Dock.

SOS toon

Shelly Seaweed is also an SOS toon. She is a 3-star restock Drop SOS. She can restock Drop gags, excluding level 7 gags.

Trading card

Shelly swaweed cardShelly seaweed card bio
Hi! I'm Shelly Seaweed! I started the Kelp Around the House Maid and Decorating Service when Toons started building underwater houses so they could get away from the Cogs - but it was just a fad. Seaweed is better than an ordinary house plant because you don't need to water it - if you live underwater, that is. On dry land, it is kind of slimy and stinky. To be honest, business isn't too good. Would I live in an underwater house? Don't hold your breath.


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