Silly Meter

The Silly Meter

The Silly Meter is a machine in Toon Hall, Toontown Central. The Silly Meter is in Toon Hall every year from March 23 to April 11. It tracks the rising silly levels of Toontown. The silly levels make items on the streets animate; such as fire hydrants, mailboxes and trash cans.

The Silly Meter does not have much of a purpose, except for April Toons Week, when it makes Doodles talk and there is weaker gravity at the toon estates.

Each item will help fellow toons in battle in a certain way. There will be a bonus to a certain gag track when battling a cog on a street near the dancing item.

  • A fire hydrant provides a 10% Squirt bonus.
  • A mailbox provides a 10% Throw bonus.
  • A trash can provides a 10% Toon-Up bonus.


  • Toon Hall had to be completely rebuilt to house the Silly Meter.
  • Sudden mega cog invasions lowered the silly levels of Toontown.
  • When the Silly Meter is higher, there are more parts on it.
  • The Silly Meter is the special event for April Toons' Week.
  • The Silly Meter returned for the last month of Toontown.
    • This caused many kooky things to happen, such as Halloween, Christmas, and April Toon's Week to happen. Along with all toons temporarily being changed to black cats on Friday, September 13th.


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