Silly Saturday is a special event in Toontown Online that happens almost every week on Saturday. It involves Grand Prix, Bingo, and Trolley Tracks. These three events normally happen on all day on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday respectively, but they run for a few hours on Saturday as well.


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In Bingo games, Toons can fish and then wing bingo games by crossing out certain fish on the bingo board. Most toons like using the old boot in this game because the old boot is worth any fish.

Grand Prix

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During Grand Prix, you can race in three consecutive races and win many tickets. The courses cost more than normal during Grand Prix. This is a good oppurtunity for Toons without much racing trophies because some trophies can only be achieved during this event.

Trolley Tracks

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Trolley Tracks is a minigame in Trolleys where Toons are on a cluster of tracks. Toons cast votes to move the trolley up or down to get to a specific game they want or must arrive to to get their amount of jellybeans. Toons will then earn jellybeans at the end of this event for the leftover votes they haven't casted throughout the whole game.

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