Silly Street
Silly Street Tunnel
Actually, this street is more "ridiculous" than "silly"...
Toontown Central
Goes to:
Elm Street
General information
Minimum cog level: 1
Maximum cog level: 3
Max building floors: 3 floors
Building cog level: 6
Cog type rarity
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25% 25% 25% 25%
Silly Street
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Silly Street is a street in Toontown Central. This street leads to Elm Street in Daisy Gardens.

The fisherman at this street's fishing hole is Fisherman Billy.


  1. Impractical Jokes (T.P. Rolle)
  2. All Smiles Tooth Repair (Dentist Daniel)
  3. The Hogwash & Dry (Babbles Blowhard)
  4. One-Liner Miners (Canary Coalmine)
  5. Walt's Little D Diner
  6. Toontown Sign Factory (Bill Board)
  7. Jumping Beans (Dancing Diego)
  8. Tickle Machines (Feather Duster)
  9. All Fun and Games Shop (Lazy Hal)
  10. Dr. Tom Foolery (Dr. Tom)
  11. Mr. Mouse Takes A Trip
  12. Dr. I. M. Euphoric (Dr. Euphoric)
  13. Dottie's Ditzy Diner
  14. The Merry Mimes (Silent Simone)
  15. Weird Beard's Disguise Shop (Sneezy Kitty)
  16. Silly Stunts (Rollo The Amazing)
  17. All That Razz Dance Academy (Roz Berry)
  18. Soup Forks (Dan Dribbles)
  19. Paper Airplanes (Patty Papercut)
  20. Laughing Gas Station (Sal Snicker)
  21. Mary's Go Around Travel Company (Mary)
  22. Happy Hooligans Pub (Bruiser McDougal)
  23. House of Bad Pies (Ma Putrid)
  24. Jesse's Joke Repair (Jesse Jester)
  25. Daffy Taffy (Daffy Don)
  26. The Happy Times (Happy Heikyung)
  27. The Laughin' Place (Honey Haha)
  28. Flo's Oats and Grits
  29. Clown Class (Professor Binky)
  30. Tee-Hee Tea Shop (Madam Chuckle)
  31. Laughing Lessons (Professor Guffaw)
  32. Funny Money Savings & Loan (Woody Nickel)
  33. Used Clown Cars (Loony Louis)
  34. Frank's Pranks (Frank Furter)
  35. Steamboat Willie
  36. Monkey Tricks (Harry Ape)
  37. Joy Buzzers to the World (Joy Buzzer)
  38. Muldoon's Maroon Balloons (Muldoon)
  39. Canned Bottles (Spamonia Biggles)


  • This is one of the two streets that have an equal percentage between cog types (the other being Lullaby Lane).
  • This street has the most shops.
  • There is a shortcut on this street fairly close to the Toon Headquarters.
  • This was the first street to get animated, because there was a fire hydrant dancing.

In other languages

Language Name
FR French Rue Bêta
ES Spanish Calle Boba
D German Albernstraße[1]
BRZ Brazilian Portuguese Rua da Bobeira
Japan Japanese シリー・ストリート


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