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Skelecogs are "skeletons" of cogs, presumably cogs that are still being built. They can be found in any cog facility and every boss cog battle except the Chief Justice. A skelecogs' type is recognized by looking at their tie or nametag. Their attacks are the same as the cog from whom their design is taken.


There are different types of Skelecogs: large, thin, and muscular. Large skelecogs, who have a medium sized grinning mouth and have their arms/legs far out away from their body, represent cogs such as Money Bags, Glad Handers, and Flunkies. Thin skelecogs, who have their appendages very close to their body with a small grin, represent cogs such as Spin Doctors, Loan Sharks, and Mover & Shakers. Finally, there are muscular cogs with their arms and legs equally spread out, a hat, a menacing grin, and cogs around their torso. Muscular cogs represent cogs such as Mr. Hollywoods, Big Wigs, and Robber Barons.



Grunt (one word)
Murmur (two words)
Statement (three or more words)

Trading card

Don't Metal in Our Business

Dislikes: Rainy Days, Toons

Likes: Movies with Robots, Rustproofing

Skelecogs are nasty - they can use any cog attack!


  • The skelecogs' name is a pun of the word skeleton, due to their appearance.
  • In the District Attorney's Office, there are Virtual skelecogs that can be awoken by incorrectly solving a puzzle.
  • Their weakness is the Whole Cream Pie, because Skelecogs are so skinny, they need to eat something![1]
  • Skelecogs are never less than level 4.
  • There was a picture in the Toon News... for the Amused! of a group of cogs in the Sellbot Factory, which included a level 7 skelecog; however, there are no level 7 skelecogs in the real Sellbot Factory.
  • The Chief Executive Officer is the only boss that is a skelecog.
  • The skelecog is the only cog that can be any type (Bossbot, Cashbot, etc).
  • On the trading card, a skelecog is seen running in front of the Vice President and Chief Financial Officer holding a gavel. This skelecog might be a Lawbot since the gavel is the insignia of the Lawbots.
  • The skelecogs' voicesounds are muffled and more robotic, and it sounds vaguely similar to a regular cog's voice.
  • According to release notes on Disney's Online Worlds, Skelecog invasions took place in March of 2004 and again on April 8, 2008. [Citation Needed »]

In other languages

Language Name
FR.png French Skelecog [2]
ES.png Spanish Esquelebot
D.png German Skeletobot
BRZ.png Brazilian Portuguese Esqueletocog
Japan.png Japanese ガイコグ [3]


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