Type: Starter Emotion
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Not to be confused with ZZZ, the treasure in the Donald's Dreamland playground.

Sleepy is an emotion that makes a toon sleep for a few seconds. Any toon can use this emotion including non-members. If a toon is idle for a long time, ". . . ZZZ . . ." will appear in a bubble above the toon's head. If the toon continues to idle, the player gets a message that says: "Your toon got sleepy and went to bed." If a player whispers to a toon that is sleeping, an orange message will appear saying "(toon's name) is sleeping right now."


  1. The toon will tilt its head down and close his or her eyes.
  2. The bubble ZZZ will appear and the toon will do this for a few seconds.


  • If the toon is sleepy by being idle, any action will wake the toon up.
  • The toon will return to the Select-A-Toon menu upon returning from the sleeping mode if idle for too long.
  • There is a glitch where using Sleepy emotion in battle will causes Toons to moves their head around till the battle is over.


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