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Smudgy Mascara
Smudgy Mascara
Physical description
Gender: Female
Species: Cat
Color: Maroon
Building: Curl Up Beauty Parlor
Street: Lullaby Lane
Area: Donald's Dreamland
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Smudgy Mascara owns the Curl Up Beauty Parlor in Donald's Dreamland.


Main article: ToonTask:Cashbot cog suit/Pelvis

Smudgy Mascara will give toons a ToonTask for a cashbot cog suit pelvis.

Trading card

Toons in Donald's Dreamland love to sleep, so I opened the first 'style while-u-snooze' hair salon! I call it the 'Curl Up Beauty Parlor,' because you can curl up in a chair while I curl up your hair! I would start coloring hair too, but "Curl Up & Dye" would look bad on the sign. My goal is to give "bed head" a new meaning, because there's nothing better than waking up with the hairdo of your dreams. No appointments necessary - we take walk-ins and sleepwalk-ins. The secret to my success? Snipping silently.


  • On her trading card, she is clipping the hair of a red horse customer who is sleeping with her mouth open.
  • Behind her on the card is also a glass window, with the conflicting name "Curl Up Parlor," as opposed to "Curl Up Beauty Parlor."
  • The trading card used to create this post has the numbers 2/21 on it, next to the copyright 2004 Disney legal mark. This possibly means the card was created on February 21st, 2004.
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