Sofie Squirt
Sofie Squirt
Physical description
Gender: Female
Species: Duck
Color: Sea Green
Building: The Squirting Flower
Street: Maple Street
Area: Daisy Gardens
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Sofie Squirt is a toon NPC duck working at The Squirting Flower on Maple Street, Daisy Gardens.


Main article: ToonTask:+1 laff/Sofie SquirtToonTask:+1 laff/Innkeeper Janet

Sofie Squirt has a ToonTask with a reward being +1 laff point. She is also involved in Innkeeper Janet's ToonTask. Toons are required to deliver a salad to Bert, Bud, or her.

SOS toon

When used as an SOS toon, she restocks the Squirt gag track, except the Geyser.


  • Her building's name shares the same name as a gag, The Squirting Flower.
    • This may be why she restocks Squirt gags when called for help in a battle.
    • Coincidentally, she needs toons to deliver 10 Squirting Flowers to her.


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