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A Staff Member refers to an individual who had previously worked on content related to Disney's Toontown Online.

The following serves to be the unofficial credits for Toontown Online. This is an accumulated list of individuals and organizations who had contributed towards the development of Toontown to any degree.


Game Developers (Disney Interactive/VR Studio)

Game Developers (Schell Games)

  • Samik Bhowal
  • Sabrina Culyba (shaskell)
  • Rob Gordon
  • Ryan Hipple
  • Shawn Patton
  • Carlos Pineda
  • Sam Polglase
  • Jason Pratt
  • Edmundo Ruiz
  • Mark Wojtowicz
  • jjtaylor

Intern Game Developers

Web/Flash Developers



  • Daniel Aasheim - Production
  • Chris Barkoff - Community Manager, Producer
  • Mike Goslin - Director
  • Mark Mine - Research & Development, Game Developer


  • Attila Gazdag
  • Mark Handler
  • Maury McIntyre - Marketing Director
  • Steve Parkis - Vice President of Premium Products, Disney Online

The following includes individuals who had previously worked for Toontown. However, there is very little or no detail to their contributions due to lost archives.

  • GFS Design Group - Worked on Toontown advertisements, including ones featured in previous Boy's Life magazines.[1]