Sticky Lou
Sticky Lou
Physical description
Gender: Male
Species: Mouse
Color: Maroon
Building: Blue Glue (Direct 2 You)
Street: Loopy Lane
Area: Toontown Central
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Sticky Lou is an NPC toon residing in Blue Glue (Direct 2 You) on Loopy Lane in Toontown Central.


Main article: ToonTask:+3 laff/Sticky Lou

Sticky Lou will give toons a ToonTask for a reward of +3 laff boost. His ToonTask requires recovering items from specific cog types in order to detach from the glue.

SOS Toon

Sticky Lou is also an SOS toon. He uses Toons Always Hit. When called upon, he will use his Pixie Dust on all toons in battle, making them able to hit cogs no matter what the gag's accuracy is, for one round. His SOS card has a four-star rarity.


Sos 01

Sticky Lou's SOS card (Japanese)

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