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Cog facility: Sellbot Factory
Cashbot Mint
District Attorney's Office
Damage: 3
Challenge: Obstacles manufactured by cogs made to stomp toons, slowing them down. They can be alone, in groups, or part of an obstacle.
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A stomper is a very common obstacle located in cog facilities that can flatten toons. There are many kinds of stompers. They also appear in the Toon Escape trolley game.


  • Library room - Toons must maneuver stompers, slowing them down in the moving bookcases.
  • Stomper lift - Toons must ride the thin stomper and ride it to the other side.
  • Giant stomper - Toons must jump into holes serving as shelters and get to the other side or retrieve gag barrels.
  • Box stomper- Toons must push a box and avoid a stomper behind the box at the same time.
  • Stomper Alley- Toons must go through a hallway full of stompers, and be careful to not get stomped.


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