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This article is about the NPC at "Heat - Get It While It's Hot!" building. For more uses of "Pete", see Pete.
Sweaty Pete
Sweaty Pete
Physical description
Gender: Male
Species: Rabbit
Color: Maroon
Building: Heat - Get It While It's Hot!
Street: Sleet Street
Area: The Brrrgh
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Sweaty Pete is a toon NPC and shopkeeper who owns Heat - Get It While It's Hot! on Sleet Street, The Brrrgh.


Main article: ToonTask:+2 laff/Sweaty Pete

Sweaty Pete will give toons a ToonTask for a reward of a +2 laff boost.


Need heat? See Pete! That's what all the cool Toons in the Brrrgh say -- But what made Pete such a hot commodity? Pete sez: 'I tried selling cold, but no one wanted it. But heat sells like hotcakes! I get it from the Sahara Desert for my 'all you can heat' special. Only problem is, all this heat sure makes me sweat...and my shower is broken. Maybe you can help me fix it?


  • In 2004, the developers accidentally switched his gender to female. This was fixed several releases later. [Citation Needed »]
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