This page was a sad page at best. I think this article, along with MANY others, needs a lot of work. This whole wikia needs tons of work done.

Eh, there really isn't much to say about one beginner gag.

This Wiki may need some overall serious work, but some of these articles on here are very good and people have done a great job. Few (not that many though) are even better than parts of the Player's Guide on the Toontown site itself. So try not to call all the Wiki sad. :\ That's kind of mean... people still took time to write them.

I think I've worked out a good system for gags. I'll test it out on a gag.

I tried to fix up the article as much as I could; it really is hard to write about a level one gag ^-^ I did make a template designed for throw gags though; it'll make things neater. I'm planning to make ones for all the Gag tracks. Kimona 15:12, July 15, 2010 (UTC)

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