Juggling Balls vs Juggling Cubes

Juggling-Balls vs Cubes

Juggling Cubes? I beg to differ. And this photo was just taken a few minutes ago.  Bermuda • Talk • 22:42,3/6/2012

Hmm, now that's strange. Every time I've looked it said cubes. But if that picture is legit then I guess we should change it to balls. Theevinatalk 22:50, March 6, 2012 (UTC)
There's probably different versions per computer/browser. But at the same time, I'm guessing some browsers haven't updated. I recently downloaded Toontown, so I'm not entirely sure.  Bermuda • Talk • 22:53,3/6/2012
Adding to that, the title may be properly named to the one that has more users/viewers seeing it. ie: A majority see Cubes.  Bermuda • Talk • 22:56,3/6/2012
NO WAY!!!! I would never have guessed. I'm emailing Disney. :P
I feel so stupid now.....
Door 1, Door 2, or Door 3? Your choice. 23:03, March 6, 2012 (UTC)
Probably the best idea. Make sure to give out a well-detailed report, as if you were talking to an annoyed Wikia Staff who WANTS you to give out as much information as possible! ;)  Bermuda • Talk • 23:05,3/6/2012
Are you sure this was recently taken? I remember in BETA they were called juggling balls. -C3544G


Should we provide a table in the "Gag tracks" section. It seems an anonymous already added it, but I'm not sure if we should keep it and make it better, or remove it for a reason.  Bermuda • Talk • 03:26,6/6/2013

I think we should keep it.

Loving77 13:01, June 6, 2013 (UTC)

what do you guys think about asking toontown if they can creat a way to have a faster acess to buying gags instead of having to go to the playground to buy it and a way to teleport anywhere you want according to your task and go to visited places faster access

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