The toontask guides are still be edited from the test toontasks to the live ones. Can you please lock them?Smith ghast4 08:24, February 11, 2013 (UTC)

Yes, I'll lock them now. I apologize for not listening to you before.
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Test ToonTask

In Donald's Dock, toons will earn the Lure or Drop gag track. The ToonTasks here are harder than in Toontown Central.


  • Lure or Drop gag track
  • Laff Limit: 34
  • Gag Pouch: 30
  • ToonTask Capacity: 3
  • Teleport access to Donald's Dock

Gag Training

  1. Visit an HQ Officer.
  2. Choose Lure or Drop.

​Gag Track Animation Frames

Like every neighborhood, the gag track training animation frames are random ToonTasks from HQ Officers.

Gag Pouch

Large Pouch, 30 gags:

  1. Visit Captain Carl.
  2. Deliver a monocle prescription to Doctor Squall.
  3. Recover a pair of eyeglass frames from Flunkies.
  4. Return to Doctor Squall.
  5. Deliver a monocle prescription to Captain Carl.

Carry 3 ToonTasks

  1. Visit Barnacle Barbara.
  2. Recover a big white wig from Back Stabbers.
  3. Return a big white wig to Barnacle Barbara.

Laff Boost

+2 laff points:

  1. Visit Billy Budd.
  2. Recover an inner tube from Penny Pinchers.
  3. Return to Billy Budd.

The other laff boost ToonTasks are random ToonTasks from HQ Officers.

Teleport Access

  1. Visit Melville.
  2. Visit Alice.
  3. Defeat 3 Bossbots in Donald's Dock.
  4. Return to Alice.
  5. Deliver a bushel of ballast to Melville.
  6. Visit Art.
  7. Recover 3 cog gears from the cogs in Donald's Dock.
  8. Return to Art.
  9. Deliver a sea chart to Melville.

Final Gag Training

  1. Visit Ahab.
  2. Visit Claggart.
  3. Deliver a cruddy clovis to Mrs. Starch.
  4. Deliver a clean clovis to Ahab.
  5. Visit Admiral Hook.
  6. Deliver a clock spring to Ahab.
  7. Visit:
    1. Rocky Shores
    2. Cal Estenicks
  8. Defeat 2:
    1. Sellbots
    2. Bossbots
    3. Cashbots
  9. Return to:
    1. Rocky Shores
    2. Cal Estenicks
  10. Deliver a counter weight to Ahab.
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