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*[[Punchline Place]]
*[[Silly Street]]
*[[Elm Street]]
*[[Elm Street]]
*[[Oak Street]]
*[[Oak Street]]
*[[Alto Avenue]]
*[[Alto Avenue]]
*[[Sleet Street]]
*[[Sleet Street]]
*[[Lullaby Lane]]
*[[Sellbot Headquarters]]
*[[Sellbot Headquarters]]
*[[Sellbot Factory]]
*[[Sellbot Factory]]

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General information
Type: Sellbot
Lowest Level: 2
Highest Level: 6
Weakness: Whistle
Preceded by:
Cold Caller
Succeeded by:
Name Dropper
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Telemarketer is the second cog on the corporate ladder of the Sellbots and has a level range of 2-6.


Starting Battle Phrases

  • "I plan on making this inconvenient for you."
  • "I'm prepared to close this deal quickly."
  • "This a bad time? Good."
  • "You should have missed my call."
  • "I will be reversing the charges for this call."
  • "Can I interest you in an insurance plan?"
  • "I was planning on running into you."
  • "Too bad for you, I make house calls."
  • "I'm going to use up a lot of your resources."
  • "I have some costly items for you today."
  • "You can't get rid of me now."
  • "You can't get away from me now."
  • "Surprised to hear from me?"

Cog moves

Target: One toon
Signature: No
Level: 1 2 3 4 5
Damage: 2 3 4 5 6

Template:Cogmovebody Template:Cogmovebody Template:Cogmovebody Template:Cogmovebody Template:Cogmoveend

Cog suit promotion

Levels: 2 3 4 5 6
Merits required: 40 50 60 70 300



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