Teleporting is a feature in Toontown Online. There are several ways to teleport. The official name for the holes toons use to teleport is "Portable Hole" as seen on the trading card, and a Toontown Central toontask.

A toon can:

  • Go back to the playground. (This is done in the map page of the Shticker Book.)
  • Teleport to a neighborhood. (This is also done in the map page of the Shticker Book, but teleporting to neighborhoods the toon is not in requires finishing certain toontasks.)
  • Go home. (This is also done in the map page of the Shticker Book, or clicking the Clarabelle button when you get a delivery or a new Cattlelog.)
  • Go to another toon. (This is done by clicking on the toon or their name and selecting "Go To". However, if the toon is moving or is currently busy doing something such as defeating a Cog building or playing a trolley game, then it will not work.)
  • Be automatically teleported from a boarding group. (This happens when a leader starts or goes in an elevator.)
  • Change districts. (This is done in the district page of the Shticker Book.)


  1. The toon takes out a Portable Hole from their pocket.
  2. The toon throws the hole to the ground.
  3. The hole flattens and enlarges on the ground, becoming a real hole.
  4. The toon jumps into the hole.
  5. The toon disappears down through the hole, and if you look closely, you can see it grabs the hole.
  6. The hole appears in the location the toon teleported to.
  7. The toon jumps out of the hole, and the hole disappears.

Trading card

Great moments
TeleportingcardsplitGryo holeportableaivneti
Toons love portable holes. But how were they invented? Gyro Gearloose explains: "I simply reversed the progidossilation from the distillator of my convex reoscillatory mumpkatron, and presto! Portable hole! I don't know why I didn't think of it sooner!" Where do the holes come from? "Donuts, old shoes, leaky buckets, the mumpkatron isn't picky. It's a kind of Toontown recyling!" Thanks to Gyro, every-toon has a hole in his or her pocket - and that's the hole truth!


  • In the trading card, Gyro Gearloose was the one who invented the Portable Hole.
  • In the animation when a toon leaves the Portable Hole, the toon does not pick it up, unlike when they go into the hole.
  • On a blueprint in Toon HQ, it is rumored how Portable Holes work. It is said that a Toon Jumps through the hole, then springs onto a trampoline, flying out the other way.
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