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Template documentation
This template is used as an infobox for cog headquarter facilities, ie: Sellbot Factory, to include basic information about the location.
Type {{Facility|<...>}} at the top of an article. Include these parameters; if a parameter is left blank, the parameter will not be shown on the template. As such, below is a list of this template's parameters:
|name =
|image =
|type =
|location =
|entrances =
|fac =
|variations =
|mincog =
|maxcog =
|goons =
|special =
|boss =
|ll1name =
|ll2name =
|ll3name =
|ll4name =
|ll2 =
|ll3 =
|ll4 =

In-depth information on working with the parameters:

  • name - the name of the facility, ie: Cashbot Mint
  • image - an image of the facility (only the file name and type should be include, ie: Sellbot Factory.png)
  • type - the facility's type, ie: Cashbot
  • location - which headquarters is this facility located in
  • entrances - the number of entrances to this facility
  • fac - the names of the facilities, requires linking
  • variations - meaning are there different types of this facility?
  • mincog - the minimum cog level
  • maxcog - the maximum cog level
  • goons - are goons present in this facility?
  • special - are there special cogs present in this facility? ie: Skelecog
  • boss - the boss of the facility, ie: Mint supervisor
  • ll1name - the name of the first entrance (laff limit is set to No limit)
  • ll2name - the name of the second entrance
  • ll3name - the name of the third entrance
  • ll4name - the name of the fourth entrance
  • ll2 - the laff limit of the second entrance
  • ll3 - the laff limit of the third entrance
  • ll4 - the laff limit of the fourth entrance
Sample usage
Cashbot Mint
Supervistor wothercogs11
Basic information
Type: Cashbots
Location: Cashbot Headquarters
Number of entrances: 3
Facilities: Coin Mint, Dollar Mint, Bullion Mint
Number of variations: 20 each
Cog information
Minimum cog level: 10
Maximum cog level: 12
Goons: Yes
Special cog(s): Skelecog
Cog boss: Mint supervisor
Laff requirement
Coin Mint: None
Dollar Mint: 66
Bullion Mint: 71
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|name = Cashbot Mint
|image = Supervistor wothercogs11.jpg
|type = Cashbot
|location = Cashbot Headquarters
|entrances = 3
|fac = [[Coin Mint]], [[Dollar Mint]], [[Bullion Mint]]
|variations = 20 each
|mincog = 10
|maxcog = 12
|goons = Yes
|special = [[Skelecog]]
|boss = Mint supervisor
|ll1name = Coin Mint
|ll2name = Dollar Mint
|ll3name = Bullion Mint
|ll2 = 66
|ll3 = 71
Results in (view the template on the right):
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