Tenor Terrace
Tenor Terrace Tunnel
A lovely lyrical lane!
Minnie's Melodyland
Goes to:
Lullaby Lane
General information
Minimum cog level: 3
Maximum cog level: 6
Max building floors: 4 floors
Building cog level: 9
Cog type rarity
Bossbot icon
Lawbot icon
Cashbot icon
Sellbot icon
50% 50% 0% 0%
Tenor Terrace
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Tenor Terrace is a street found in Minnie's Melodyland that leads to Lullaby Lane, Donald's Dreamland. There is an equal split between Bossbots and Lawbots, but no Cashbots or Sellbots.

The fisherman at this street's fishing hole is Fisherman Walden.


  1. Mr. Costello's Yellow Cellos (Mellow Costello)
  2. Harry's House of Harmonious Humbuckers (Harry)
  3. Quentin's Quintessential Quadrilles (Quentin)
  4. Ziggy's Zoo of Zigeunermusik (Ziggy)
  5. Fast Freddy's Fretless Fingerboards (Fabricated From Figured Fir!) (Fast Freddie)
  6. The Teli-Caster Fishing Television Network (Telly Prompter)
  7. Wagner's Vocational Violin Videos (Wagner)
  8. Flowery Flute Fleeces (Flim Flam)
  9. Leo's Fenders Auto Body Shop (Leo)
  10. The Borrowed Chord Pawn Shop (Fran Fret)
  11. Lotsa Lute! Savings & Loan (Banker Bran)
  12. The Syncopation Corporation (Randy Rythm)
  13. Ellie's Elegant Elegies (Ellie)
  14. Con Moto Cycles (Hanna Hogg)
  15. Coda Pop Musical Beverages (Cammy Coda)
  16. Kazoology School of Music (Rinky Dink)
  17. Lyre, Lyre, Pants on Fire! Polygraph Services (Luke Lute)
  18. Reggae Regalia Rastafarian Clothing (Bob Marlin)
  19. Ursatz for Really Kool Katz (Tabitha)
  20. Pachelbel's Canonballs (Stubby Toe)
  21. Yuki's Ukeleles (Yuki)
  22. The Ternary Exotic Birds (Dana Dander)
  23. I Can't Understanza! Italian Interpreting Services (Dumb Dolph)
  24. Schumann's Shoes for Men (Tim Tango)
  25. Common Time Watches (Karen Clockwork)
  26. Anna's Cruises Travel Agency (Anna)
  27. Relax the Bach Chiropractors (Moe Saj)
  28. Mixolydian Scales (Sea Shanty)
  29. What a Mezzo! Maid Service (Martha Mopp)
  30. Marshall's Stacks Pancake House (Marshall)


In other languages

Language Name
FR French Terrasse des Ténors
ES Spanish Calle del Tenor
D German Tenor-Terrasse[1]
BRZ Brazilian Portuguese
Japan Japanese テナー・ストリート



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