Tenth Anniversary Cake Shirt
Tentastic Anniversary cake-blog
Type: Event clothes (Shirt)
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The Tenth Anniversary Cake Shirt is a shirt given out during the tenth anniversary of Toontown.[1]


Warning: Spoilers ahead. Be cautious when reading.

To unlock this shirt, a code must be used in the "Codes" page of the Shticker Book.[2]


  1. "To celebrate this Toontastic occasion, we invite ALL Toons to enjoy some cake on us... well, the cake's actually on you. On your shirt, that is!" Celebrate Toontown's Ten-tastic Anniversary!" blog post.
  2. "Enter this special code in your Shticker Book to get your very own anniversary cake shirt delivered right to your Toon's mailbox: TOONTASTIC". "Celebrate Toontown's Ten-tastic Anniversary!" blog post.


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