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Release notes help us determine any changes on Toontown Online's open and test servers. This is the release notes page for Toontown Test in 2003.

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Release Notes
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Toontown Test 20032004200520062007200820092010201120122013


February 24, 2003 [sv1.5.0]

  • New underlying window management code. Please report any problems with window handling, resizing, focus, etc. We are still finalizing this code, but wanted to get some early testing underway.
  • New window management interface in Shticker Book including windowed mode support!
  • First release of Cog Invasion system. In the short term we will be triggering these by hand to adjust the difficulty and duration. They may appear more frequently during this testing period than they will once on the live site.
  • Toon HQ Leaderboards. Star point system is as follows:
    • 10 points = Bronze star
    • 20 points = Spinning bronze star
    • 30 points = Silver star
    • 50 points = Spinning silver star
    • 75 points = Gold star
    • 100 points = Spinning gold star
    • One point is rewarded per floor of each Cog building taken over.
  • New popup help to get on trolley and complete first ToonTask at Toon HQ after Toontorial for a smoother transition into the game for new players.
  • Sleeping Toons get logged off after 10 minutes.
  • Preliminary emotions on selected SpeedChat phrases. Toons will now nod and wave and express some limited emotions. A more integrated system is still in development.
  • Improved LaffMeter handling on Toon Detail Panel.
  • Smaller friend request windows.
  • New option in Shticker Book to ignore friend requests.

February 24, 2003 [sv1.5.1]

  • Fixed problem getting stuck when teleporting in to Donald's Dock.
  • Fixed problem with camera getting detached from Toon when switching to windowed video mode.

February 25, 2003 [sv1.5.2]

  • Fixed color problems on GL screenshots.
  • Fixed problem where certain graphics cards could not open a DirectX 7 window.
  • Fixed a leaderboard server crash.
  • Fixed crash when other Toons splash into water in Donald's Dock.
  • Fixed problem with Toontown not starting on Windows 98 and XP.


March 4, 2003 [sv1.5.3]

  • Corrected missing Laff Points and Jellybean Jar upgrades on all Toons.
  • Implemented automated Cog Invasion system. Invasions will now happen at least per day on the test server. Invasions will be for random durations with random Cog types. These parameters may be tweaked during testing.
  • Fixed crash when teleporting to swimming Toons.
  • Fixed bug causing Toons to lose their larger Jellybean Jars.
  • Fixed several server crashes.
  • Cleaned up Emotion handling system to handle exact cases when emotions are allowed and blocked.

March 5, 2003 [sv1.5.4]

  • Fixed teleport crash.
  • Fixed problem causing players to enter parent password on every login.

March 17, 2003 [sv1.5.5]

  • To help us identify and fix problems in Toontown, we have implemented a configuration database that will help us track which types of computers have been tested on each test server release. This system will ask for your permission to upload a small set of configuration data to our servers the first time you run on the test server. The information we collect will help make upcoming versions of Toontown run more smoothly on your machine. It will not be provided to any third party and will not be used for any other purpose.
  • Temporarily disabled windowed mode, OpenGL, and DirectX7 switching to test new graphics window system in isolation of these variables on the live site. After finishing testing fullscreen DirectX8 thoroughly, we plan on enabling these options again.
  • Fixed problem causing Toons to get stuck when teleporting to swimming Toons in Donald's Dock.
  • Disabled Toon emotions to finish integrating full system before release.
  • Fixed Shticker Book Map Page location description while in Toon-torial.
  • Fixed intermittent crash when trying to purchase from Shticker Book.
  • Re-fixed problem causing players to enter parent password on every login. Really this time!
  • Fixed several server crashes.

March 31, 2003 [sv1.5.6]

  • Upgraded server operating system.


April 2, 2003 [sv1.5.7]

  • Problems with Win98 registry fixed.
  • Crashes during battles with certain Cogs fixed.
  • Smoother Toon-on-wall corner collisions.

April 3, 2003 [sv1.5.7b]

  • We are currently tracking a bug in battles also called the 0-timer bug. If you hang during battle, please give us a bug report ASAP about it. Thanks.


May 9, 2003 [sv1.0.6.0.test]

  • An early version of Toon housing is live. This is a first pass release to start testing the infrastructure of the housing system. We will be releasing more housing features to the test when they are ready over the next few weeks. This first release includes closets and banking. To get to your house, use the new "Go Home" button on the Map Page in the Shticker Book.
  • Closets: Now you can store your extra clothes in your very own closet in your house. When you purchase new clothes with a clothing ticket, your old clothes will automatically be sent back to your closet.
  • Banking: Now you can store extra jellybeans in your bank at your house. Extra jellybeans earned in Trolley Games and from ToonTasks will spill-over into your bank. You can deposit and withdraw from your bank at your house.
  • Updated battle menu scene layout. Now it should be easier to see chat during battles with less clutter.
  • Ring Game and Maze Game now have difficulty levels per neighborhood. Now playing these games in Toontown Central will be easier, but more advanced neighborhoods like Dreamland have gotten even harder. We plan to add difficulty levels to more Trolley Games in the future, and scale the jellybean reward based on difficulty.

May 13, 2003 [sv1.0.6.1.test]

  • Proxy support is reenabled again.
  • Teleport across districts to and from estate is fixed.
  • Breaking friendship with another Toon in your estate will cause that Toon to be forced back to the playground.
  • Fixed grammar on possessive house signs.
  • Butterflies are now in estates.
  • Fixed crash on Tailor cancel button.
  • Fixed loss of emotes after street and building battles.
  • Fixed fishing crashes.

May 16, 2003 [sv1.0.6.2.test]

  • Autokick grace time for visitors in your Estate is shortened from 25 to 5 seconds after you leave.
  • Speedchat has 2 new housing phrases.
  • Teleporting from a Cog building to your Estate doesn't leave you in limbo anymore.
  • Random crashes while running about fixed.
  • Closet now asks for confirmation when deleting closet items.
  • More details inside houses.

May 23, 2003 [sv1.0.6.3.test]

  • New server hardware.
  • Walking is disallowed now on the bottom of a river/lake. However, swimming in the river in the Estates is broken by this.
  • The shticker book's map page has a better formatted location.
  • House pointers are now better formatted for long toon names.
  • Fixed crashes when teleporting to a friend in a non-friends house in a different district.
  • Fixed crashes when teleporting out of a friends estate exactly as you are getting autokicked.
  • Fixed swimming/escape problem in Estate's sandbox.
  • Fixed crack in river bed that allowed you to swim under ground.
  • Butterflies don't cause server to crash now.
  • Exiting Estates, fishing docks and butterfly objects now properly delete.

May 31, 2003 [sv1.0.6.4.test]

  • Reverted to post-sv1.0.6.2.test code to test stability for new open server release.
  • Crashing when entering the elevator of a Cog building should not happen now.


July 14, 2003

  • Minor server update to fix connection problems.

July 15, 2003 [sv1.0.7.2.test]

  • Connect code tweaked on the game servers to deal with the 348 connection error.

July 17, 2003 [sv1.0.7.3.test]

  • Better support for moving paintings in your house.
  • More proxy issues addressed. As always, let us know promptly if you are unable to connect.
  • Fixed incorrect reporting of per-gag skill credit in some obscure cases.
  • Fixed driver crash from some graphics cards after completing tutorial.
  • Allow just-for-fun effects earned in ToonTasks to be visible while at your estate.
  • Fixed crash upon entering the street.
  • Fixed crash when going to your estate while still downloading patches.
  • Fixed occasional crash after clicking on the "Find in room" button.

July 22, 2003 [sv1.0.7.5.test]

  • Various "AttributeError: " bugs for BodyShop, Char, and DirectButton has been fixed.

July 28, 2003 [sv1.0.7.6.test]

  • NEW helpful and informative Toon Tips during Toontown loading screens.
  • Added a dialog to certain quests that explains you can buy the needed gag in the 'Gag Shop' once you have earned access.
  • New ActiveX control now signed as 'Walt Disney Company'.
  • Bugs fixed: "DistributedToon instance has no attribute '_Actor__partBundleDict'..."

July 31, 2003 [sv1.0.7.7.test]

  • Further improvements for moving paintings in your house.
  • New interface for deleting items from your attic.
  • Fixed crash in tutorial.
  • Fixed resuming partial download through proxy.
  • Improved interface for deleting clothes from your closet.


August 11, 2003 [sv1.0.6.13.test] release candidate

  • New Welcome Valley district. Welcome Valley is a special virtual district that is made up of multiple sub-districts, each of which includes only the Toontown Central neighborhood. Newly created Toons are placed first in Welcome Valley until they leave by their own action.

August 13, 2003 [sv1.0.6.14.test] release candidate

  • Fixed crash on avatar detail panel.
  • Fixed crash when teleporting to a friend.
  • Fixed problem where "Back to Playground" button sometimes takes you out of Welcome Valley unexpectedly.
  • Fixed missing ice cream cones in Welcome Valley.
  • Reworded message on the "Districts" page to show both the virtual Welcome Valley district you are in, and the true District you are in simultaneously.
  • Fixed crash with toons whom had been working on an Elder quest when Elder quests were enabled, and currently disabled.
  • Fixed incorrect error message on the web page after a crash.

August 15, 2003 [sv1.0.6.15.test] release candidate

  • Fix the inability to connect to the account server.

August 20, 2003 [sv1.0.7.9.test]

  • Touched up the house design gui interface for moving your furniture around in your house, as well as attic. The new display is slightly buggy, but works quite well.
  • Catalogs now have upgraded and consolidated looks, with your friendly operator Clarabelle to assist you.
  • Your toon animates a bit now as it uses the house phone, or does banking with the jellybean jar.
  • A bug with the house closets losing clothes has been fixed.

August 21, 2003 [sv1.0.7.10.test]

  • New Elder Tasks have been added to The Brrrgh and Donald's Dreamland neighborhoods.
  • The various display bugs with the House Design gui panel has been fixed.
  • Crash when walking into buildings is fixed.
  • Crash when turning catalog page is fixed.

August 24, 2003 [sv1.0.7.11.test] release candidate

  • More options for flooring and clothing available in the Catalog now, such as boardwalk and dirt for flooring.
  • Crash bug with clothes browsing fixed.
  • New sounds effects interacting with the phone in your estate, and Clarabelle.
  • The House Design gui now has text hints popup help.

August 25, 2003 [sv1.0.7.12.test] release candidate

  • Fixed a rare crash that happens when walking through the doors of an estate.
  • Elder Quests have been slightly rebalanced.
  • Some text hints on the Move Furniture trash tab have been reworded.
  • Text hints now have a short delay before display.
  • Fixed crash when looking at friend details.
  • Added in more Toontown Central teleport-in points.
  • Fixed miscolored wallpaper border in Tutorial toon interior.
  • Existing Toons' first catalog has no delivery delay. Toons fresh from the tutorial have a 10 minute delay.

August 26, 2003 release candidate

  • Fixed DB problems with elder Toons' data not saving.


September 10, 2003 [sv1.0.7.14.test]

  • Clarabelle now has a special popup to let you know when there's new items in the catalog. Try clicking it on it!
  • Catalogs now let you choose a certain color for a wallpaper, or flooring design in one sitting.
  • There was an under-reporting of Apprentice task credit when multiple new toons are in battle that is fixed.
  • Fixed left-over laff meter after turning in finished Apprentice ToonTask.
  • Anomalous sizes of Toon heads fixed.
  • Fixed crash when entering house with closet close to doorway.
  • Fixed crash when entering house with somebody at bank inside.
  • Fixed crash when exiting Toontown after a minigame, but before the jellybean reward.
  • Bug issues with Tug of war game fixed.
  • Estates have been debugged of Butterflies temporarily.
  • Fixed 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'setMinfilter' error.

September 11, 2003 [sv1.0.7.15.test]

  • Issue with staying in ghost mode after designing your Estate fixed.
  • Chat eligibility fixed.
  • Exiting Toontown would crash just after playing certain minigames fixed.
  • Issues with downloading the installer fixed.

September 12, 2003 [sv1.0.7.16.test]

  • Engine doesn't assume the existence of a stencil buffer in DX8 anymore. This should fix issues with graphics cards such as the Kryo PowerVR.

September 25, 2003 [sv1.0.7.17.test]

  • In this release we have turned on debug information in the logs to help us isolate a bug that causes Toons to lose the ability to play Emotion animations for the duration of a single session. Please report this bug if it happens to you so we can isolate the problem. Thanks!
  • Task manager was optimized to handle more events better.


October 3, 2003 [sv1.0.7.18.test]

  • More debugging was put in for emotions as well as possible fixes. Again, please report this bug if it happens to you so we can isolate the problem. Thanks!
  • A Toon is not trapped by the Estate closet, or phone, against the door or wall anymore.
  • An AI crash playing the Ring Game minigame fixed.
  • Made a fix for Toon not animating after a trap.

October 30, 2003 [sv1.0.8.0.test]


  • New fishing system and interface integrated. Here are the basics:
    • You can now catch fish in the ponds located in every playground and street in Toontown.
    • As you fish at a pond, your new fishing bucket will fill up with the fish you catch. When your bucket is full, or if you run out of Jellybeans, you need to sell the fish to the Pet Shop Clerks located near the ponds in the Playgrounds.
    • Fish that are heavier and more rare are worth more Jellybeans.
    • There are 50 total fish species.
    • Some fish have particular ponds where they live, others can be found in every pond.
    • Your fishing rod can be upgraded by purchasing stronger rods sold in Clarabelle's Cattlelog (coming soon).
    • Better rods are stronger and can catch heavier fish, but cost more Jellybeans to fish with. In this initial test release, everybody will have the beginner "twig" fishing rod.
    • Each 10 fish species you collect will earn you a fishing trophy and +1 Laff Boost, bringing the maximum Laff points up to 105. You can keep track of the fish you have seen and the trophies you have with a new page in your Shticker Book (temporary artwork).
    • Fishing ToonTasks should still work as they always have.
    • We will be releasing final fish models and final Shticker Book interface over the next few days. Until the final models are finished, the Pool Shark and Moon Fish are using the Clown Fish model.
  • Please enjoy helping us test this new system and send us comments, questions, and bugs.

SOS Toons

  • We are testing an early version of SOS Toons. Now, not only can you call your friends into battle, you can also call shop keepers like Flippy and Li'l Old Man in for help. Since this feature touches many parts of the battle system, it needs thorough testing and accurate bug reporting. We will eventually be integrating this feature into a future release. For testing purposes everybody will be given free access to these helpers. Just press the SOS button on the battle menu and play through as many scenarios as you can think of with your friends.

Other Changes

  • New elevator code - no new features, just a new underlying system. Report anything unusual.
  • New Toon shadow code. Report anything unusual
  • Fixed bug where tutorial battle would time-out and cause client crash.

October 31, 2003 [sv1.0.8.1.test]

  • Fixed server crash when playing Tag minigame.
  • Fixed client crash when you timeout with the Pet Shop Clerks.
  • Rotated building in Walrus Way fixed.
  • White line in texture on Brrrgh ponds removed.
  • Toons don't get stuck anymore in Minnie's playground fishing area.
  • Fixed problem with Toons not being able to get on or off drum in Minnie's fishing ponds .
  • Fixed broken fishing docks and floating on water problem on Maple Street.
  • NVidia released new drivers for the TNT and GeForce Graphics cards on 10/23/2003. We would appreciate any help you could provide in testing these new drivers with Toontown. If you have an NVidia Graphics card, please download and install the latest drivers for your video card from the following website:

Please note:

The web site you are about to link to and the drivers or programs made available on the web site are not owned or controlled by Disney Online or its affiliates. A different terms of use and privacy policy will apply. Disney online and its affiliates make no representations or warranties, express or implied as to the drivers or any matter whatsoever connected therewith, including, without limitation, any representation that the drivers do not contain computer code designed to disrupt, disable, harm or otherwise impede in any manner the operation of a computer program, will not damage or destroy any data files residing on a computer or will not adversely affect the hardware or other software of the user in any way. By proceeding you agree that you have read the foregoing and that you will be accessing the drivers at your own risk.


November 4, 2003 [sv1.0.8.2.test]

  • Fixed missing collision surface on bed frame near exit of Dreamland Playground fishing pond.
  • Fixed bug where newly created Toons got other Toons' fishing collections.
  • Removed texture edge on clouds in Donald's Dreamland playground .
  • Fixed black screws on Cog Shtickerbook Page.
  • Fixed Maple Street fishing dock (really this time).
  • NPC Drop now does permanent cog damage.
  • NPC Sound now does permanent cog damage.
  • NPC Lure now triggers traps properly.
  • Movie timeout was extended when NPC attacks are present to avoid truncating battle movies.
  • A few notes to clear up confusion on SOS Toons:
  • There are a few SOS Toons now that are playing Toon-Up animations but actually are not doing Toon-Ups. We will be adding more dialog and interface to make their actual function more obvious.
  • Franz Neckvein causes Cogs to miss for that round.
  • Soggy Nell causes toons to always hit for that round.
  • Melody Wavers restocks gags up to each Toon's limit.
  • Temporarily, to enable testing, we have turned on unlimited access to these few SOS Toons. When released to the live server SOS Toons will be rare; they are earned as part of Cog Headquarters.
  • Thanks for all the great bug reports. They have been very helpful! Please keep them coming!

November 7, 2003 [sv1.0.8.3.test]

  • New Fish Shticker Book page artwork.
  • Increased chance of fishing out Jellybeans.
  • Toons can't get experience for NPC attacks now.
  • NPC gag gifts are now optimal and can't give a Toon new tracks they didn't have access to before.
  • Fast Freddie's Fretless Fingerboards" on Tenor Terrace is positioned properly now.
  • Pool Shark fish model and animations are integrated.
  • Fishing trophies now have names.
  • Fixed crash when clicking on SOS Toons.
  • Fixed Minnie's path points in Playground to prevent floating and walking through fences.
  • Made talk with Pet Shop Clerk Toon radius smaller to prevent accidental triggering.
  • New fishing rods will be selling in the catalog.

November 9, 2003 [sv1.0.8.4.test]

  • Fixed bug where you would fall asleep and fall off the fishing piers.
  • Removed SOS Toons; this will return soon.
  • The fish bubbles in the ponds have been resized to something that looks more reasonable.
  • Fixed some drawing problems with the Fish panel and the Shticker book.
  • Moon fish have migrated into Toontown.

November 11, 2003 [sv1.0.8.5.test]

  • You now get nice artwork of a jellybean jar, old boot, or ToonTask package during fishing.
  • Fixed the problem where fishing bobber would hang in mid-air.
  • Fixed bug where the fish detail panel would remain visible in the Shticker Book.
  • Cog explosions properly spit out little cog graphics again.
  • Fish rarity has been rebalanced.

November 20, 2003 [sv1.0.8.9.test]

  • Look forward to new items upcoming in the Cattlelog in time for winter.
  • New sound effects on emotions and events, as well as MIDI file fixes for notes getting "stuck on".
  • Badly placed teleport spot fixed.
  • Bugs that caused AI crashes fixed.
  • New ActiveX control (be sure to get this or game launch may crash).
  • If you are away from Toontown for several weeks, when you log back in your next catalog will not skip ahead to catch up. Instead you will receive the next catalog in line so you do not miss anything. For example, if you were playing on Issue 2 and do not log in for several weeks, the next time you log in after the day of the week you usually receive catalogs you will receive Issue 3.


December 1, 2003 [sv1.0.9.2.test]


  • Welcome to the initial prototype testing of Cog Headquarters (Cog HQ). The first Cog HQ released will be the Sellbot HQ, attached to Daisy Gardens. We are excited to be in the final development stages of this new area of Toontown -- but we have a long way to go, and we are ready for your help! Cog HQ introduces new physics, environments, enemies, story elements, and game play and thus needs great deal of testing. We feel it is close enough to start letting people in to this rough version.

A few things to keep in mind, especially for those new to the test server:

  • Nothing of what you will see should be considered final.
  • Balancing will change. Every system may get easier, or harder, and may change several times.
  • Story elements may be tweaked and rearranged for clarity.
  • Very little is polished - The interface, sounds, physics, and dialog will all get better over time before final release.
  • Temporary sound effects - We will integrate final background music and sound effects soon.
  • Lots of cracks or holes in world - Take screenshots and report. We are still updating all the 3D models to the new physics system.
  • No CogHQ ToonTasks yet - These will be added over time as we finalize the overall difficulty.
  • Textures, models, and code are not optimized - Your graphics rendering (frame rate) may be choppier than in other areas of Toontown. The game will be smooth at times and completely unplayable at other times. Please bear with us.
  • We may not directly respond to each individual bug report, especially if we get numerous copies of the same issue. But rest assured, each and every report is read by developers.

A Brief CogHQ Overview

  • Toons have been taken hostage by the Cogs! They are being held on the top floor of CogHQ. It is your mission to gang up and rescue them. Getting into CogHQ will not be easy though; their tight security will detect and reject any Toons that enter. You must build a Cog disguise first by recovering Cog parts from their factory. The factory is a 4-player environment with many new game-play elements. You can keep track of your Cog disguise progress with a new page in your Shticker Book.
  • Once you have your entire Cog disguise built you can enter the Cog HQ lobby dressed as a Cog. The Sellbot Boss is a very busy Cog, so the guard will not allow you to see the Boss unless you have important Cog business, like needing a promotion. You must earn your promotion by fighting Sellbots to collect "merits" around Toontown. Merits are given out after every battle just like Gag experience and are recorded in your Shticker Book as well. The elevator to the top of Cog HQ holds 8 players so when you are ready for your promotion, group up with your friends and head up to battle the Boss.
  • If you defeat the Sellbot Boss Cog, you will free the hostage Toon who will in turn present you with his "trading card". You can use these cards in battle to call on them for extra assistance in a tough spot. Of course, knowing the Cogs, they will quickly build another Sellbot Boss Cog, so hurry and get your next promotion to rescue another Toon. There are 60 total promotions as you work your way up the corporate ladder.

Summary of What is New

  • New Physics with jumping ability - now you can hurdle bushes, jump onto crates, and hop over small fences!
  • New Toon interactions - conveyor belts, stompers, gears, locked doors, switches, pushable crates, platform action.
  • New Gag, Laff, and Jellybean Barrels - Cogs have stockpiled all the Toon items they have stolen. You can recover them in the factory.
  • New Cog Factory environment
  • New Cog Boss enemy
  • New Pie throwing mode in final phase of Boss Battle
  • New Cog HQ environment
  • New Rescued Toons (SOS) system (as tested in previous test releases)
  • New Rescued Toon Shticker Book page holds up to 8 Toon cards
  • New Rescued Toon battle interface
  • New Cog Disguise Shticker Book page
  • New Cog Merit system with 60 promotion levels
  • New "Skelecogs" - Sellbots that do not have their final Cog suit built
  • New "Goons" - Cog worker drones
  • New street - "Oak Street" off Daisy Gardens playground
  • New map artwork
  • New Shticker Book tabs make finding pages faster and easier

Known Issues

  • There is no reward presentation when you finish a factory, but you should still get the Cog disguise part.
  • Teleporting to other Toons inside CogHQ will sometimes crash your client.
  • You may fall through the floor on fishing docks on the streets of Donald's Dock.
  • You will be able to jump over the fences around fishing docks
  • If there are textures missing, polygons will show up pure red or white.
  • Some objects allow you jump through them.
  • You can jump above the ceiling inside Toon interiors.
  • Door inside your house may have a large gray square frame.
  • Jumping on crates is too difficult.
  • Some visual cracks exist on Oak Street
  • You can jump over Flippy in the tutorial.
  • If you enter the game before finishing the Tutorial download your client will crash. Allow the full download to finish before choosing or creating a Toon.
  • Timing of stompers crushing Goons inside Factory warehouse is off.
  • Camera control inside Factory warehouse is being worked on.
  • Boss battle currently crashes out. This will be fixed soon!
  • Note: A release date has not been finalized.
  • We appreciate your support in helping make CogHQ great. Hope you have fun, and keep the bug reports coming in. Thanks!

        - The Toontown Development Team

December 4, 2003 [sv1.0.9.3.test]

  • Entering the game before finishing the Tutorial download will no longer crash, as well as the elevator to the Boss battle.
  • Bad collisions (bouncing Toons) at the tops of stairs have been fixed.
  • Onscreen name labels now include room for long names when wearing your cog suit.
  • Fixed bug in which all toons are sent to the playground just because one Toon died.
  • Fixed crash when dying in a building.
  • Disabled teleport button while wearing your cog suit.
  • Fixed fire hydrant appearing prematurely.
  • Prevented onscreen name from obscuring new Shticker book tabs.
  • Raised Cog-style nametag a bit higher.
  • Fixed crash when engaging in battle immediately upon entering the CogHQ exterior.
  • Pond collisions are fixed.
  • Ceilings in all Toon interiors are raised so Toons do not jump through them.
  • Increased camera field of view in CogHQ.
  • Odd looking knockback animations on the skinny Cogs fixed.
  • The Cog merit promotion alert appearing over and over is fixed.
  • Clouds on the map page are moved off of the new tabs.
  • Improved Factory speed chat options.
  • Fixed the grass color on Oak Street.
  • It should be easier to crush with stompers, and multiple Toons can't push crates at the same time anymore.
  • Updated artwork for the Disguise Page, and incorporated new icons for Shticker Book Page Tabs.
  • The Factory Boss identifies himself, and a new factory model.

December 5, 2003 [sv1.0.9.4.test]

  • Calculations changed for number of Cog Disguise parts lost when discovered by the Senior VP.
  • Fixed bug preventing some players from jumping high enough to get pies for the final boss battle.
  • Toontown Central and Donald's Dock fences now have backsides.
  • Fixed several crashes in the factory.
  • Fixed a crash when running through a tunnel to Cog HQ.
  • Your camera view no longer gets pulled into other battles.
  • Fixed a crash when entering the Cog HQ lobby while Toons are already in the elevator.
  • Adjusted merit promotion levels.
  • Fixed a crash when walking out of the Cog HQ lobby.
  • Incorporated new artwork for the SOS panel.
  • Fixed a bug causing the Toon to end up behind walls after teleporting to a friend.
  • Toons are now considered "busy" for teleporting to when in the Cog HQ Lobby.
  • Fixed a bug causing the toon to end up in gray space after teleporting to a friend who's no longer there.
  • Fixed players dying in a building and ending up in the Playground with the Gag panel still up.
  • Fixed battles disappearing to empty gray space in the factory.