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Release notes help us determine any changes on Toontown Online's open and test servers. This is the release notes page for Toontown Test in 2008.

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Release Notes
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Toontown Test 20032004200520062007200820092010201120122013


January 29, 2008 [sv1.0.32.1.test]

  • Attention Test Toons! Bossbot HQ has been found! The Toon Council invites all Test Toons to help investigate Bossbot Headquarters. Toons can reach BBHQ through a new Cog-themed tunnel, which has mysteriously appeared in Chip 'n Dale's Minigolf. Work on your new Cog Suit and battle upgraded Cogs, while the Toon HQ works behind the scenes to unlock access to the "ultra-exclusive" Bossbot Clubhouse.
  • Bossbot HQ is still in beta, please help us make it as fun and challenging as possible by letting us know of any bugs or glitches. We will update the release notes with "Known Issues" so that Test Toons don't report the same bug over and over. Please check this page before submitting a bug report! Toons of the World Unite!


  • When you first enter BossbotHQ there is a glitch where "Bossbot HQ" will be displayed twice on your screen and remain there until you've walked thru another door or tunnel.
  • The background music volume is very low within BossbotHQ. We will fix this in a subsequent release.

January 30, 2008 [sv1.0.32.2.test]

  • Changed difficulty of BossbotHQ games based on the number of Toons playing.
  • Updated BossbotHQ related animations and models.
  • Added new sound f/x for Mole Stomp.


  • We apologize to all our Mac Toons out there! We are still fixing the issue that is preventing you from being able to play. Please be patient! We should have a fix on the next update.
  • Bossbot HQ area name still lingers on screen when you first arrive until you walk thru another door or tunnel.
  • Background music volume may still be too low.

January 31, 2008 [sv1.0.32.3.test]

  • The Club House and the C.E.O are ready to take on those who are Toon enough!
  • Fixed issue with Mac Toons being unable to get pass the Pick-A-Toon panel!
  • Fixed problem with OpenChat window not opening upon key press after sending one message.
  • Added more background music to BossbotHQ areas.
  • The correct message will now display if you try to enter the Club House without a full suit.
  • Fixed a few server crash bugs.


February 1, 2008 [sv1.0.32.4.test]

  • Added Laff limits to Bossbot HQ Country Club golf games.
  • Adjusted difficulty of C.E.O. battle, please let us know what you think!
  • Sped up conveyer belt during banquet sequence of C.E.O. battle.
  • Improved movie segments during C.E.O. battle.
  • Added flashing health meter to the chest of the C.E.O.
  • Increased reward for defeating the C.E.O. at higher difficulty levels.
  • Improved look and feel for Bossbot HQ Country Club golf game areas.
  • When you fail the Maze game you will automatically teleport to the end, but you will still lose Laff points.
  • Fixed entrance sign to Bossbot HQ in MiniGolf area.
  • Fixed bug where Toons had trouble opening their bigger Closets.

February 6, 2008 [sv1.0.32.5.test]

  • Added new animations for BossCogs inside the Country Club.
  • Added moving conveyer belt and made the inside of the elevator leading down to C.E.O. battle bigger.
  • The C.E.O. now moves faster!
  • Fixed some crashes.
  • Fixed typo in congratulatory message when you beat the Mole Stomp game.
  • Fixed Bossbot HQ entrance banner not fading out after you enter.
  • Fixed some issues with golf puzzle game, including a crash.

February 14, 2008 [sv1.0.32.6.test]

  • Adjusted difficulty of C.E.O. battle, please let us know what you think!
  • Fixed camera issue during waiter cog battle at Bossbot HQ Club House.
  • Fixed crash when a Toon exits during the start of the banquet sequence in the C.E.O. battle.
  • Improved auto-capitalization in Type-A-Name.
  • Fixed bug which caused your Toon to get damaged at the start of the Mole Stomp game if another Toon comes in right after it begins (thus restarting it and causing you to fail and lose Laff).
  • Added a "Fire" button to the Gag panel gui during battle. You can use the Pink Slips which you've earned by defeating the C.E.O. to dispatch a deserving Cog!
  • Fixed missing texture on Seltzer Bottle gag model.


  • You may crash when trying to exit the game normally after using the "Fire" button (Pink Slips) in battle.
  • The Chief Justice is without a torso currently, this will be fixed upon the next release.

February 16, 2008 [sv1.0.32.7.test]

  • Improved the show around usage of Pink Slips and firing Cogs.
  • During C.E.O. battle, Toons now have to charge up their Seltzer Bottles by using a rapid "up/down" arrow key combo similar to Tug-O-War Trolley Game. Once the desired charge level is reached, use the Ctrl key to fire. The higher the charge, the farther you'll shoot and the more damage you'll do!
  • The C.E.O. will sometimes perform an area attack: "Fore!"
  • Increased the number of Pink Slips awarded for defeating the C.E.O.
  • Toons will now be able to check each other's Laff level during C.E.O. battle.
  • Fixed missing Chief Justice torso.

February 20, 2008 [sv1.0.32.8.test]

  • Added ability for Toons to receive a Toonup during C.E.O. battle: Try hitting them with a golf ball for Laffs!
  • More tweaks to "Firing" a Cog.
  • Fixed several client crashes.
  • Improved conveyer belt texture inside Banquet Hall.
  • Added missing C.E.O. battle SpeedChat phrase, "I'll use the golf tee."

February 21, 2008 [sv1.0.32.9.test]

  • Seltzer bottle charge up in C.E.O. battle is now accomplished with just hitting the "Up Arrow" key repeatedly.
  • Added music to C.E.O. battle.
  • Performed more play balancing of C.E.O. battle, specifically the C.E.O. should now be attacking more Toons as opposed to seemingly concentrate on just one until that Toon becomes sad.
  • Fixed bug which may cause your Toon to become stuck after jumping off a table as the C.E.O. charges you.

February 22, 2008 [sv1.0.32.10.test]

  • Fixed bug in C.E.O. battle where the up arrow key would register as a seltzer bottle charge up even when you're not on the table.
  • Added Toonup goodies during C.E.O. battle, now to get a Toonup all you need to do is run to the conveyer belts!
  • Fixed issue with Pink Slip cannon firing animation looking strange on streets around Donald's Dreamland.
  • Tweaked animation sequence for when you enter Bossbot HQ.

February 24, 2008 [sv1.0.32.11.test]

  • Changed back to holding down Ctrl key to charge up seltzer bottle during C.E.O. battle. But be careful when trying for a full charge, you could charge up too much and the seltzer bottle will fizzle out causing the charge meter to start from zero again, so pay attention!
  • Added better audio and visual indicator that the golf ball hit the C.E.O.
  • Added dust cloud and sound f/x when C.E.O. is defeated.
  • Added a one second delay and warning sound before C.E.O. performs a "Fore!" area attack.
  • Adjusted C.E.O. even more so he will be less likely to only attack one Toon at a time.
  • Fixed a bug where some seltzer bottles spin too fast in C.E.O. battle.
  • Seltzer squirts will now do twice the damage to to the C.E.O.
  • Fixed bug where a long list of ToonTask SpeedChat phrases would cause the menu to go pass the bottom of the screen.

February 26, 2008 [sv1.0.32.12.test]

  • C.E.O. now does more damage for better play balance.
  • Increased turning speed of seltzer bottles during C.E.O. battle.
  • Fixed bug where the seltzer bottle would keep filling after your Toon gets flattened by the C.E.O.
  • Added a bonus gag reward for clearing all levels of the golf puzzle game in Bossbot HQ.
  • Fixed a bug where if your Toon has a full Friends List and you try to add another friend, you see a dialog window erroneously stating they have a full Friends List.

February 27, 2008 [sv1.0.32.13.test]

  • Added sound FX to conveyor belts in Banquet Hall.
  • Added sound FX for when you fire the seltzer bottle and when your squirt hits the C.E.O.
  • Sped up the movements of the C.E.O.
  • C.E.O. now has a good chance of changing his mind if he was charging a Toon on top of a table and his intended target jumps off. He may change direction or perform an attack instead.
  • A Toon with a full Laff Meter can no longer take Toonup food from the conveyor belts.

February 29, 2008 [sv1.0.32.14.test]

  • Added sound FX for picking up and serving food during Banquet Hall sequence.
  • Added sound FX to seltzer bottle turning and C.E.O. attacks.
  • Added sound FX for when you hit the golf ball during C.E.O. battle.
  • The C.E.O. will now progressively become more challenging as the battle goes on. At the 20 minute mark the C.E.O. will destroy one conveyor belt and do a bit more damage, and at the 30 minute mark he will destroy the remaining conveyor belt and do a lot more damage. Past the 30 minute mark the longer the battle lasts the more damage his attacks will do.


March 3, 2008 [sv1.0.32.15.test]

  • Minor improvements to look and feel of golf puzzle game at Bossbot HQ Country Club.
  • Time given to complete the maze game in Bossbot HQ will now be appropriate for the difficulty of the maze.
  • Pink Slips are now more powerful! It takes just one to dispatch any level Cog!
  • Added more C.E.O. Banquet Hall related SpeedChat phrases.
  • Fixed bug where if you had clicked on the red "x" cancel button in the OpenChat input box, the next time you type an OpenChat the input box will not appear.
  • Fixed bug where players using Windows 2000 experienced crashes when ever they used the Cattlelog or checked another Toon's details.

March 4, 2008 [sv1.0.32.16.test]

  • Better indicate when you only have 1 Pink Slip left in your inventory.
  • Changed C.E.O.'s behavior such that when he is moving towards a target Toon and the Toon hops off the table, instead of just moving sideways to a new target Toon he will now actually turn to face this new target Toon first before progressing.
  • Fixed an animation bug where sometimes Toons will end up walking around stuck in the golfing animation in C.E.O. battle.
  • Fixed a rare case where the C.E.O.'s golf attack ends up doing double damage.

March 5, 2008 [sv1.0.32.17.test]

  • Added Toonup items related C.E.O. SpeedChat phrases.
  • Fixed bug where you were not able to see other Toons' rotating the seltzer bottle in C.E.O. battle and moving the magnet cranes in the C.F.O. battle.
  • Fixed graphics bug where your Toon may look like he/she is using a funny grip on the golf club during C.E.O. battle.

March 11, 2008 [sv1.0.32.18.test]

  • Fixed bug which cause the Laff Meter to not be visible during the Banquet Hall "left over diners" battle sequence in C.E.O.
  • Fixed a bug which had a chance of allowing extremely lagged players to register being on a table using the seltzer bottle and at the same time teeing off at the C.E.O.
  • Fixed a bug which caused the words "Maze Race" to stay on screen after teleporting out of the maze.
  • Fixed a crash bug which occurred when one Toon teleports out of the Mole Stomp game while another continued to play.
  • Change text to refer to "kart" instead of "elevator" the dialog window which appears when you try to play the golf games in the Bossbot Country Club without meeting the minimum Laff requirements.
  • Fixed missing flying bat sound in the Jungle Vines Trolley game.
  • Fixed a few C.E.O. related client crash bugs.

March 17, 2008 [sv1.0.32.19.test]

  • Fixed issue that would cause particularly lagged Toons to look like they are flattened by the C.E.O. even though they actually did hop off the table in time.
  • Made the door leading into the Banquet Hall open wider so Toons would not run "into" it when they enter.
  • Fixed rare client crash which could occur inside Banquet Hall.

March 23, 2008 [sv1.0.32.20.test]

  • Fixed crash bug which occurs sometimes when Toons try to teleport to a friend inside Bossbot HQ.
  • Fixed crash that happens when a Toon with a rejected name tries to go back to Type-A-Name to either try another name or pick one from the Pick-A-Name panel.
  • Fixed missing sound f/x in the Toon Memory Game.
  • Toons will now face the "right" direction when they first teleport into a Bossbot HQ Country Club golf game area.

March 26, 2008 [sv1.0.32.21.test]

  • Fixed rare client crash in Mole Stomp game.
  • Fixed client crash which occurs during the Banquet Hall sequences when a Toon goes to the conveyor belt for Cog Food or Toonup items. This crash only happens on very crowded/lagged districts.


April 23, 2008 [sv1.0.33.1.test]

  • We have added fonts for purchase in the Cattlelog, so that you can show off your Toontastic names in style! Please check them out and let us know what you think! New fonts will appear with subsequent Cattlelog releases, so watch for them!

April 26, 2008 [sv1.0.33.2.test]

  • ATTENTION TEST Toons: Some of your Toons may be temporarily inaccessible, but don't panic!
  • We are testing some new Toontown Trial account features and some Toontown Test accounts have been temporarily set to a special Trial account status -- If you've had Toons in both the top and bottom-middle slots, then you will have access to both (the middle column) during these tests. If you did not have a Toon in the bottom-middle slot then you will only have access to the top-middle one (1) Toon during these tests.
  • PLEASE NOTE: The five (5) remaining Toon slots of these accounts will be unaffected and temporarily unavailable during these tests. After a period of time accounts that have been set to the special Trial status will revert to normal and all your Toons will be accessible once more. During this test period all Toons will take turns having their account set to this new Trial status, so don't be surprised if it's your turn!

If your account is in this special Trial one (1) Toon status, you will have:

  • Access to Toontown Central.
  • Access only to Toontown Central ToonTasks.
  • Limited Goofy Speedway access.
  • Access to your Estate.
  • Limited Access to the other Neighborhoods and Cog HQs (you can only participate in street battles).
  • Test accounts that are in this Trial one (1) Toon status will only remain this way for a short period of time, so please jump right in and play thru all aspects of Toontown. Also, if your account has been made into a Test Trial account and you have an open top-middle slot, please create and play a new Toon.

Be sure to report any issues you encounter via our Report a Problem page! The Toon Council thanks you for your assistance!

Bug fixes in this release

  • Fixed bug which caused Toon names in new fonts to not be seen by other Toons.
  • Fixed bug that caused Toon names to be missing information while in Cog Suit disguise.
  • Fixed missing texture on Seltzer Bottle gag during battles.
  • Fixed rare AI crash which could occur when you teleport to your Estate.
  • Fixed a crash when going from one country club floor to the next.

April 29, 2008 [sv1.0.33.3.test]

  • Fixed multiple crash bugs related to Doodles.
  • Fixed crash which happens during the post-battle dance sequence if you are playing as a Trialer and any gag skill went past the limit a Trial Toon can reach.
  • Fixed issue where all other Toons' nametag fonts look the same (except for your own), even though some Toons are Subscribers and some are Trialers. Now each Toon's nametag font will be properly seen by other Toons.
  • The names of the new nametag fonts have been changed in the Cattlelog.
  • The "Basic Font" (what used to be the one default font) is now available in the Cattlelog for Subscribers who wish to switch back to their original nametag font.

April 30, 2008 [sv1.0.33.4.test]

  • Attention Test Toons! The temporary testing of the new Trial Account features has concluded. All your Toons should once again be available to you all the time and in game features will not longer be locked out. If this is not the case please let us know via the Report a Bug page.
  • Fixed crashes and instability issues.
  • Fixed crash which occurs when Toons watch another Toon ride the Geyser in Acorn Acres.


May 1, 2008 [sv1.0.33.5.test]

  • Added additional stability enhancements.

May 2, 2008 [sv1.0.33.7.test]

  • Fixed crash which occurs when you check a Toon's detail via the Toon Detail Panel through your Friends List.
  • Made additional stability enhancements.

May 21, 2008 [sv1.0.34.1.test]

  • The Toon Council is excited to announce that Clarabelle has obtained some new specialty items for her Cattlelog! There are five brand-new acting lessons and three brand-new clothing sets available for purchase by Members within a special section of the Cattlelog, based on account longevity. Also, you can now plant a garden statue of any Toon in your account or any Toon on your Friends List. These new gardening statues are available for purchase to expert gardeners with a Gold Shovel and a minimum of 639 Skill Points. Please check them out and let us know what you think!

Other Changes/Fixes/Known Issues

  • This release is a new build with lots fixes and changes "under the hood". The Toon Council asks that all TEST Toons try and play thru all of the game's features and explore all the neighborhoods/Cog HQs, in particular please participate in lots of street battles (especially where there are other Toons present).
  • Report bugs or anything else unusual during play via our Report A Bug page.
  • Fixed download/launching issues with MacOSX and Vista Launcher.
  • We are aware of the issue regarding the new Cattlelog items being inaccessible. This will be fixed on the next release.
  • Some Toons are currently experiencing issues with doors not opening. This will be fixed on the next release.

Test Toons of the World Unite!!

May 26, 2008 [sv1.0.34.2.test]

  • Fixed bug which kept Toons from being able to purchase the new Cattlelog items.
  • Added a new sound on/off button to emote items in the Cattlelog.
  • Fixed problem which caused doors and other objects from working properly.
  • Fixed an exit crash which could occur after having looked at the Cattlelog.
  • Fixed issue with Cogs' health button not changing colors after receiving damage.
  • Fixed MacOSX game client crash on startup.

May 29, 2008 [sv1.0.34.3.test]

  • Fixed crashes which occur when certain Trolley Games are about to start.
  • Fixed graphics issue in the Catching Game.
  • The Cattlelog Special items page will now properly display "Already Purchased" next to any item right after purchasing. Also, when the Gifting button is enabled, the Special items will become unavailable for purchase.
  • Fixed crash which occurs when Toons try to make a new Toon friend. Clicking on the "New Friend" button on the upper left corner of your Friends' List will bring up a dialog box which includes a Toon's current number of friends.
  • Fixed graphics issue with the Mouse's ears.
  • Fixed bug with the "Surprise" emote which sometimes caused the Toon's eyes to return to normal before the rest of the emote was finished.
  • Changed sound effects for the "Delighted" emote. Please let us know what you think!
  • Fixed crash from using the F2 key inside of the Factory/Mint/DA's Office/Country Club.
  • Fixed crash which occurs during the C.F.O. battle when a Toon throws a goon.
  • Fixed crash during the C.E.O. battle when a Toon goes sad while attacking with the golf ball.


June 3, 2008 [sv1.0.34.4.test]

  • Fixed crash which could occur you look at the Cattlelog (specifically emote items).
  • Fixed exit crash that happens when you've clicked on the True Friends button to bring up the "Get True Friend Code" panel then exit.
  • Fixed incorrect page flow between the three tabs of the Cattlelog (NEW, BACKORDER, SPECIAL).
  • "Get True Friend Code" button will only generate a code for True Toon Friends now.
  • Fixed crash bug which occurred when you try to make a new friend and the game client warns that you have too many friends.
  • Fixed animation glitch in MiniGolf.
  • Fixed issue where sometimes the background music track will have a "stuck" note when it transitions from one song to another.

June 13, 2008 [sv1.0.34.5.test]

  • Fixed crash which happens when more than one Toon tries to enter a Karting race.
  • Fixed animation glitch when you try to walk as your Toon is using one of the new emotes.
  • Fixed problem with using the new emotes while Toon effects (such as Invisible Toon) are active.
  • Fixed issue some Toons had with their speech bubbles not producing sounds.
  • Emote items in the Cattlelog now have a new sound on/off button.

June 18, 2008 [sv1.0.34.6.test]

  • Fixed missing iris on Doodles.
  • Fixed exit crash which occurs if your Toon went sad while using the golf attack during C.E.O. battle.
  • Fixed missing geyser sounds in Acorn Acres.
  • Changed sound f/x for Delighted and Furious emotes.
  • When Toons stop fishing they will now take a step back to help leave the fishing pier without triggering fishing again.
  • Fixed graphics issue with the Ring Game.

June 19, 2008 [sv1.0.34.7.test]

  • Fixed glitch which caused the Gardening wheel-barrel to appear in Playgrounds.
  • Fixed bug which made the Lawbot HQ DA's Office puzzle names to not leave the screen.
  • Fixed problem with Fishing piers and Gardening plots acting/triggering incorrectly.
  • Delighted emote sound f/x now has a louder fanfare.

June 21, 2008 [sv1.0.34.8.test]

  • Attention TEST Toons! We are running an exclusive TEST server only Double Gag Experience event. All Toons will receive double Gag experience (new or existing). Please try starting a new Toon and help us test all aspects of this new build. TEST Toons of the wolrd Unite!
  • Fixed issue with the animations of emote Cattlelog items not looping correctly.
  • Sad Toons can no longer attempt to Fish.
  • Fixed a few server crash bugs.

June 24, 2008 [sv1.0.34.9.test]

  • Attention TEST Toons! We are continuing the TEST server only Double Gag Experience event. Please spread the word to other TEST Toons!
  • Fixed crash bug which occurs during the C.F.O. battle when one object is tossed by one magnet and caught by another.
  • Fixed bug which kept new Doodles from appearing in your Estate after purchase.
  • Fixed a few other client crash bugs and improved general server stability.

June 26, 2008 [sv1.0.34.10.test]

  • Fixed crash bug which occurs if another Toon closes his/her window during the post Trolley game Gag purchase phase where multiple Toons are buying gags.
  • Added stability enhancements to Doodles. Please play with them lots!

June 29, 2008 [sv1.0.34.11.test]

  • Fixed issue with Cogs not making speech sounds before their attacks in battles.
  • Fixed bug which kept Toons from having the correct maximum number of friends.
  • Added new SpeedChat phrase under "SORRY" category, "Sorry, my Friends List is full."
  • Improved "look and feel" of the C.F.O. battle (there should be less occurrence of goons/safes hanging in mid-air or not looking smooth as they are tossed).


July 02, 2008 [sv1.0.34.12.test]

  • Fixed crash bug which could occur during a Cog battle involving multiple Toons.
  • Fixed crash which could occur while playing Trolley Games.

July 02, 2008 [sv1.0.34.13.test]

  • This is a maintenance release.

July 08, 2008 [sv1.0.34.14.test]

  • Fixed crash bug which could occur during Chief Justice battle's "Jury selection" Cannon game.
  • Additional fix to C.F.O. battle client crash involving the same object (Goon/Safe) being grabbed by multiple crane magnets.

July 09, 2008 [sv1.0.34.15.test]

  • This is a maintenance release.

July 23, 2008 [sv1.0.35.1.test]

  • The Toon Council is excited to announce the addition of some brand-new Trolley Games for Toons to enjoy!
  • Ice Slide - Slide to the center while avoiding some explosive obstacles.
  • Photo Fun - Become a Toon paparazzo and capture that perfect Toon picture.
  • Toon Escape - Evade the Cogs and race to safety in this side-scrolling adventure.
  • Cog Thief - Protect gag barrels from invading cogs.
  • Also, Acorn Acres has added some fun elements to the picnic tables which Toons may want to check out!
  • Please let us know what you think of these new activities! If you find any bugs or issues please let us know via the Report a Bug page!

July 28, 2008 [sv1.0.35.2.test]

  • Fixed several bugs which had been causing server instability.
  • Added a new board game to the tables at Acorn Acres. Check it out!
  • Fixed bug which caused strange behavior whenever someone won a Chinese Checkers game.
  • Fixed crash bug during multiplayer Toon Escape.
  • Fixed crash which happens if another player abruptly leaves the game during Cog Thief.
  • Fixed graphics issue which caused the Squirt Gun spray to not appear in Toon Escape.
  • Made sure Toon Escape levels in Toontown Central are not too difficult.
  • Altered amount of JellyBeans awarded by the new Trolley Games for better play balance.
  • Added more instructions to the new Trolley Games start sequence.

July 30, 2008 [sv1.0.35.3.test]

  • Checkers has been removed from the board game tables for the time being.
  • Fixed crash which occurs during the Toontorial.
  • In multiplayer Photo Fun, the first Toon that takes the best photo of each pose will receive the credit.
  • Added a progress "map" to Toon Escape Trolley game.
  • Added background music to Cog Thief Trolley game.
  • Added new visual elements in Chinese Checkers to denote that it is "your" turn, and to help identify which player is which color in a multiplayer game.
  • Fixed crash bug during Chinese Checkers when a fourth player joined the game.

July 31, 2008 [sv1.0.35.4.test]

  • Chinese Checkers have been removed from Acorn Acres for the time being. Please look forward to its return in the near future!
  • Fixed phantom damage bug/issues happening during C.E.O. battle. Please let us know if you are still encountering this issue.

*** KNOW ISSUE ***

  • Right now if you finish the Toon Escape game you will see a very strange glitch that takes your Toon back to the start of the level. You will still receive the correct amount of rewards for your efforts and should not experience any crashes as a result. This issue will be fixed on the next release.


August 05, 2008 [sv1.0.35.5.test]

  • Fixed issue which caused the flower planting GUI to display black squares where JellyBeans should be.
  • Fixed bug which caused Toons to unable to leave the Cog HQ after finishing the boss battle.
  • Made a slight visual tweak to the direction arrows in Ice Slide Trolley game.
  • Fixed a crash bug which could occur during MiniGolf.

August 07, 2008 [sv1.0.35.6.test]

  • Fixed rare Ice Slide crash bug.
  • Fixed rare condition where your Toon would be outside of the tire during Ice Slide.
  • Added reminder message during Ice Slide if a Toon forgets to use the Ctrl key to launch.

August 07, 2008 [sv1.0.35.7.test]

  • Fixed crash which occurs when Photo Fun is picked as the Trolley Game.
  • Improved Photo Fun's scoring method so that better pictures will get credit, and also when all Toons are out of film the game will end.
  • Added many look and feel improvements to Toon Escape. Please let us know what you think!
  • Fixed bug which caused graphics weirdness when your Toon gets to the end of a Toon Escape level.
  • Cog Thief now features a new background, bigger/better looking barrels, and a bigger pie for your Toon to throw at the Cogs. Also the "Kaboom" was replaced with "Splat".

August 12, 2008 [sv1.0.35.8.test]

  • Fixed graphics issue with Photo Fun which caused the photos Toons took to appear black on some computers.
  • There should now be less of a pause when a photo is taken during Photo Fun.

August 13, 2008 [sv1.0.35.9.test]

  • Fixed bug which caused screenshots to come out inverted.
  • Fixed various rare crash bugs in Photo Fun.

August 16, 2008 [sv1.0.35.10.test]

  • Made slight changes to Cog Thief for better play balance. Please let us know what you think!
  • Fixed rare client crash for Toon Escape.
  • Added more level types to Toon Escape.

August 19, 2008 [sv1.0.35.11.test]

  • Fixed some rare crashes in Toon Escape.

August 19, 2008 [sv1.0.35.12.test]

  • Fixed bug causing crashes with Sellbot V.P. battle, some Factory/Mint/DA Office floors, using Pink Slips, and Cannon rentals.
  • Made minor improvement to Toon Escape's "look and feel".

August 20, 2008 [sv1.0.35.13.test]

  • Fixed a crash bug in Toon Escape.

August 21, 2008 [sv1.0.35.14.test]

  • Further fix for crash bug in Toon Escape.

August 24, 2008 [sv1.0.35.15.test]

  • Updated Cog Thief with new art for the playing field, themed for each Playground. Please let us know what you think!
  • Fixed a rare crash bug with the Estate Cannon rental.

August 26, 2008 [sv1.0.35.16.test]

  • Made subtle improvements to Cog Thief's Donald's Dreamland background image.
  • Fixed a rare crash bug in Toon Escape.


September 07, 2008 [sv1.0.35.17.test]

  • Fixed crash bug which occurs during multiplayer Catch Game. Previously if one Toon exists the remaining Toons would crash out.
  • Fixed bug in Treasure Dive so that the Peanut Butter and Jellyfish is animated once more.
  • Fixed a few client crash bugs in Cog Thief.
  • Fixed bugs and made tweaks to Toon Escape.


  • Currently there are missing textures in Donald's Dock, including the boat and pier pilings. This will be fix in the next release.

September 10, 2008 [sv1.0.35.18.test]

  • Fixed missing textures in Donald's Dock and Tug of War.
  • Flying Cogs in Toon Escape now have propellers on their heads.

September 15, 2008 [sv1.0.36.1.test]

  • The Toon Council is thrilled to announce the availability of three very special, new Cattlelog items. When your Toon receives the next Cattlelog update they will be available for purchase.

September 19, 2008 [sv1.0.36.2.test]

  • There are now proper names for the three new items in the Cattlelog.
  • Fixed the missing jellybeans in the flower planting GUI.
  • Fixed server crash due to bug with interior elevators.
  • Fixed crash when a Stomper stomps a toon with one laff.


  • Currently the item name for the Trolley Bed is too long in the Cattlelog. This is a known issue and will be fixed in the next release.

September 24, 2008 [sv1.0.36.3.test]

  • Fixed bug which caused the Maze Game in Bossbot HQ to end even though the clock shows there is time left.
  • The item name for Trolley Bed now fits properly in the Cattlelog.


October 15, 2008 [sv1.0.36.4.test]

  • This is a maintenance release.

October 21, 2008 [sv1.0.36.5.test]

  • Fixed crash bug which occurs when a player who has not finished downloading all of Toontown clicks on another Toon to bring up the Toon Panel.
  • Fixed crash that happens when a player with the Limited True Friends setting enters a True Friend code without the "TT" prefix.
  • Players playing with the ActiveX client (login via website and not the Launcher) will now be correctly asked for their password when trying to delete a Toon.

October 26, 2008 [sv1.0.36.6.test]

  • This is a maintenance release.

October 28, 2008 [sv1.0.36.7.test]

  • This is a maintenance release.

October 29, 2008 [sv1.0.36.8.test]

  • Fixed several bugs which lead to server instability during day/night transitions.

October 31, 2008 [sv1.0.36.9.test]

  • Further fixes for crashes which occur when Toons are in transition (teleport, logging, tunnels etc) as day/night cycles.


November 11, 2008 [sv1.0.36.10.test]

  • Improved the look of the ToonHQ exterior in Donald's Dock playground and streets.


December 05, 2008 [sv1.0.37.1.test]

Attention Test Toons!

  • Players have asked for more ways to chat in-game, and we’ve listened! The Toon Council is proud to announce our latest addition to Toontown: SpeedChat Plus!

Here is what you need to know to help us test this exciting new feature.

What is SpeedChat Plus:

  • SpeedChat Plus is a form of type chat that allows users to communicate by using the Disney SpeedChat Plus dictionary. Words that are not in the dictionary will be highlighted in red. You then have the opportunity to choose alternative words prior to sending your message.

How do I enable SpeedChat Plus:

  • SpeedChat Plus, along with your other chat options, is managed through the Preferences section of Member Services. Click here to go to the Preferences section now and select SpeedChat Plus. Then use the Parent Password linked with your account to turn this feature on.

How to use SpeedChat Plus:

  • Once SpeedChat Plus has been enabled, you can start using SpeedChat Plus in-game by typing words on your keyboard — or — by clicking on the blue “Type Chat” button in the upper-left corner of the play screen. Your messages are viewable to all who have SpeedChat Plus enabled within your vicinity. If you are whispering to a specific player, only that player will see your message.

*** NOTE *** currently if you try to Whisper to a player, the blue “Type Chat” button in the Whisper chat panel is disabled. This will be fixed in the next release.

  • Please take some time to test this new chat feature through all of Toontown. We are still adding functionality, so please send any comments, bug reports, or word suggestions to us through the Contact Us form.
  • Thank you for your help!

Special note for Open Chat with True Friends players:

  • Players who have both SpeedChat Plus and Open Chat with True Friends enabled can communicate with other players according to those players’ chat preferences. For example:
  • If the player you are chatting with has SpeedChat Plus, they will only see words from the Disney SpeedChat Plus dictionary. Words not in the dictionary will be replaced with animal sounds.
  • If the player you are chatting with is your True Friend, your can chat openly through Open Chat with True Friends. When chatting openly with multiple True Friends at once, your chat may be viewable to other non-True Friend players who have SpeedChat Plus within your vicinity, provided the words are in the Disney SpeedChat Plus dictionary. Open Chat with True Friends whispers will only be viewable by the True Friend you are whispering to.

*** NOTE *** currently Open Chat with True Friends’ Whispers does not work correctly, wherein all typed words are showing up as animal sounds. This will be fixed in the next release.

December 10, 2008 [sv1.0.37.2.test]

  • Added Winter Holiday related items to the Cattlelog. Be sure to check out all the hot new items Clarabelle has for sale!
  • Fixed many issues related to SpeedChat Plus behavior and disappearing Chat buttons/input box. Please keep letting us know what you think of the new feature!
  • Fixed bug in Treasure Dive trolley game where the Bear Acuda’s collision area was too large, making it too easy for a diving Toon to get hit.
  • Fixed crash which occurs when you hit the F2 key inside the Factory/Mint/DA’s Office.
  • Fixed issue with moving around while Type Chat input box is open.


  • Be sure to adhere to the Disney House Rules while testing SpeedChat Plus! We are still adding functionality, so please send any comments, bug reports, or word suggestions to us through the Contact Us form.

December 16, 2008 [sv1.0.37.3.test]

  • Fixed bug which prevented Type Chat Whispers from working properly if two Toons were not within the same game area.
  • Fixed graphics bug with the ToonHQ water tower top.
  • Changed wording on some panels that appear if the blue Type Chat button is clicked and certain conditions are true, such as the setting of no SpeedChat Plus nor Open Chat with True Friends.

December 17, 2008 [sv1.0.37.4.test]

  • Fixed missing tower top from Toon HQ buildings found in Donald’s Dock.

December 18, 2008 [sv1.0.37.5.test]

  • This is a maintenance release.

December 24, 2008 [sv1.0.37.6.test]

  • Fixed an issue where the chat buttons could disappear from the game window in some circumstances.
  • Fixed a bug where a Free Player Toon who clicks on the Whisper Panel’s blue Type Chat button will bring up the Features Panel instead of the Whisper Type Chat box.
  • Fixed thought bubbles so they will not disappear on their own.

December 28, 2008 [sv1.0.37.7.test]

  • This is a maintenance release.

December 30, 2008 [sv1.0.37.8.test]

  • Toons now have a way to turn Type Chat sounds on/off via a new option in the Shticker Book’s “Options” tab. Type Chat speech sounds are defaulted to “on”, so when you type chat now you will hear your own Toon and other Toons’ meow’s and growl’s! If you switch Type Chat sounds to “off”, you will no longer hear your own Toon nor other Toons. SpeedChat phrases will continue to have sounds and is unaffected by this new feature.