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The Brrrgh
The Brrrgh.png
Basic information
Playground owner: Pluto
Treasure: Snowflake
Connecting locations
Sleet StreetBaritone Boulevard, Minnie's Melodyland
Walrus WayLighthouse Lane, Donald's Dock
Polar PlaceLawbot Headquarters
Number of buildings: 92
Number of streets: 3
Cog information
Minimum level: 5
Maximum level: 9 (10*)
Maximum building stories: 5 floors
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The Brrrgh (sometimes abbreviated as TB or BR) is a snowy neighborhood northeast of Toontown Central. Lawbot Headquarters is located near Polar Place.


The Brrrgh is an icy, cold, and anything winter-related neighborhood. NPCs and toon buildings are named based upon things related to the cold. The color scheme is entirely blue and white. Pluto can be found wandering around the frigid playground. The treasure is the snowflake, which heals 12 laff points.

In the playground, one can see the many snowflakes fall from the sky. A lake has been frozen, although one spot is thawed to allow toons to fish. The Toon HQs resemble an igloo. As with all playgrounds, The Brrrgh contains a clothing store, pet shop, gag shop, trolley, and a party gate.


Main article: ToonTask Guide/The Brrrgh

After completion of Minnie's Melodyland's toontasks, the toon can move on to begin The Brrrgh's tasks. Toons can train one of the last two gag tracks that were not chosen in the previous offers.


The Brrrgh has three streets: Sleet Street that leads to Minnie's Melodyland; Walrus Way that leads to Donald's Dock; and Polar Place that leads to Lawbot Headquarters.

Cogs range from level five to nine. If a field office is present, level ten Sellbots can be seen patrolling the streets.

Street Cog type
Bossbot icon.png Lawbot icon.png Cashbot icon.png Sellbot icon.png
Sleet Street 10% 20% 30% 40%
Walrus Way 90% 10% 0% 0%
Polar Place 5% 85% 5% 5%

Lawbot Headquarters

Main article: Lawbot Headquarters

Lawbot Headquarters is home to the Lawbots. It is located off Polar Place, which mostly consist of Lawbots roaming the streets. Within Lawbot Headquarters are the District Attorney's Office and the Lawbot boss, the Chief Justice.

Trading card

Post card

It's another snowy say here in the B-B-Brrrgh! Unfortunately, that hasn't kept the C-C-Cogs away. It's so c-c-cold here that one of my seltzer bottles froze solid!

It has snowed here every d-d-day for years and years. Ever since Gyro Gearloose's Super-Duper Air Conditioner went crazy, it's b-b-been this way - and no one can find it under all this snow.

One thing is for sure, Toontown wouldn't be the same without the B-B-Brrrgh! I'm going ice fishing - see you l-l-later!

Ann Tartic


  • The Brrrgh is one of the only two neighborhoods in which the owner NPC only talks during Halloween, Winter Holiday, and April Toons' Week (the other being Donald's Dock).
  • This is the only place where you can catch the Frozen Fish due to the fact that the water is very cold and icy.
  • This is the only place in Toontown to have weather effects.
  • This is one of only two neighborhoods to not have the Disney characters' names in its title, the other being Toontown Central.
  • Before Toontown had Toontasks, the Toon HQ wasn't a building, but just a large igloo with two entrances and no doors.
  • In the phase files, The Brrrgh is labeled "the_burrrgh", adding a "u". This is because at one point during the beta of 2001 the playground's name was "The Burrrgh".

In other languages

Language Name
FR.png French Le Glagla [1]
ES.png Spanish Frescolandia [2]
D.png German Das Brrr[3]
BRZ.png Brazilian Portuguese O Brrrgh [4]
Japan.png Japanese ブルブルランド Buruburu (Sherbet) Land [5]


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