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ToonTasks are the quests you are sent on to help save Toontown from the Cogs. They are also the key to becoming a more powerful Toon! For each Task you complete, your Toon will be rewarded with Laff boosts, new Gags, Jellybeans, and more. If you have any open Task slots, visit Toon Headquarters or any of Toontown's shops and get a new ToonTask quick! You start with the ability to carry only one Task at a time, but can get more through guessed it, completing ToonTasks!


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A ToonTask is a task that a Toon can complete for rewards and progress. ToonTasks are one of the main goals of the game. ToonTasks are offered by several NPC Toons, most notably by HQ Officers. All Toons start with the ability to carry one ToonTask, and, as they progress, will be able to carry a maximum of four ToonTasks.

Types of ToonTasks

The Choose a ToonTask screen

There are several types of ToonTasks. Each contain different rewards.

Just for Fun! ToonTasks

Deleting "Just for Fun!" ToonTasks

"Just for Fun!" ToonTasks are minor tasks in which Toons may complete for Jellybeans, clothing shop tickets, or their appearance. The more progress the Toon has, the larger the reward is. Unlike normal ToonTasks, Just for Fun! ToonTasks can be deleted, but the Toon will not earn the reward.

ToonTask Objectives

The objective of a ToonTask

A ToonTask will likely fall under one of these parameters:

  • Visit an NPC or deliver something to them
  • Go fishing for items
  • Defeating a certain number of Cogs
  • Defeating Cogs to recover a item
  • Defeat Cog Buildings

How To Get A Task

Getting a ToonTask is easy, just walk up to an officer in any Toon HQ building, or visit one of the shops in Toontown's streets and talk to the shopkeeper inside. They will explain the task, what you must do to complete it, and the reward you will receive upon completing the task. Sounds easy, doesn't it? Some are, and others can be a real adventure to complete. Well, they wouldn't be called tasks if they weren't challenging!

Here is some sound advice for anything you do: Always get three estimates. Shopping for ToonTasks is no different -- each HQ Officer and Shopkeeper will have different tasks for you to choose from, often for the same reward. One Officer may ask you to defeat 12 Corporate Raiders for a two-point Laff boost and the next Officer might offer you that same two-point Laff boost for 10 Bossbots. You can choose which task is right for you!

Toon Tip: You'll discover that the more ToonTasks you work on at the same time, the faster you'll complete them ... and the faster you'll advance your Toon! For example, if you have a ToonTask to defeat 10 Bossbot Cogs and a second task to defeat 8 Yes Men, you can work on both tasks at the same time because Yes Men are Bossbot Cogs.

Completing a Task

When you have completed a ToonTask follow the instructions at the bottom to turn it in and get your reward. And remember, turning in a completed ToonTask also restocks your Laff Meter. Don't forget to get a new Task after you've turned in the finished one!

ToonTask Guides

The ToonTask Guides are guides for ToonTasks from the test server.


How ToonTasks looked on Test before Toontown had closed.

  • On the test server, all Toons start with the ability to carry two ToonTasks instead of one (with a maximum of six). In addition, some of the ToonTasks were changed so leveling up Toons would be faster.
  • "Help a Toon" ToonTasks were originally known as "Elder ToonTasks".[1]
  • Rather than a scroll, ToonTasks looked like a sticky note before an update on October 11th 2002 during Beta 2. [2]

In other languages

Language Name
FR.png French Défitoon
ES.png Spanish Dibutarea
D.png German Toon-Aufgabe
BRZ.png Brazilian Portuguese Tarefa Toon
Japan.png Japanese ???

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