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  1. Talk to Uncle Spud in Couch Potato Furniture, Oak Street, Daisy Gardens
  2. Recover a Sellbot HQ Memo from Sellbots in Sellbot HQ
  3. Return to Uncle Spud
  4. Recover another Sellbot HQ Memo
  5. Return to Uncle Spud
  6. Recover another Sellbot HQ Memo
  7. Return to Uncle Spud
Daisy Gardens Toontask Guide

Gag pouchJellybean pouchToonTask capacityTeleport access
Laff boosts: +1 laff (Sofie Squirt)+1 laff (Artie)+1 laff (Innkeeper Janet)+1 laff (Barber Bjorn)+2 laff (Postman Felipe)+2 laff (sprocket)+3 laff (Uncle Mud)+3 laff (Uncle Spud)+3 laff (Aunt Hill)Miscellaneous laff boosts

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