1. Visit Anna at Anna's Cruises Travel Agency on Tenor Terrace.
  2. Recover Lumber Jack's Ticket from Glad Handers anywhere.
  3. Return to Anna.
  4. Deliver Lumber Jack's Ticket to Lumber Jack at Timbre! Equipment for the Singing Lumber Jack on Baritone Boulevard.
  5. Visit Anna.
  6. Recover Tabitha's Ticket from Glad Handers anywhere.
  7. Return to Anna.
  8. Deliver Tabitha's Ticket to Tabitha at Ursatz for Kool Katz on Tenor Terrace.
  9. Visit Anna.
  10. Recover Barry's Ticket from Glad Handers anywhere.
  11. Return to Anna.
  12. Deliver Barry's Ticket to Barry at The Baritone Barber on  Baritone Boulevard..
  13. Visit Anna.
Minnie's Melodyland ToonTask Guide

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