Task-Professor Flake
Professor Flake
The Precipitation Foundation
Polar Place
The Brrrgh
External Temperature Sensor
All streets, excluding The Brrrgh
  1. Silly Street, Toontown Central - Upper left leg
  2. Loopy Lane, Toontown Central - Lower left leg
  3. Punchline Place, Toontown Central - Left foot
  4. Barnacle Boulevard, Donald's Dock - Upper right leg
  5. Seaweed Street, Donald's Dock - Lower right leg
  6. Lighthouse Lane, Donald's Dock - Right foot
  7. Elm Street, Daisy Gardens - Upper torso
  8. Maple Street, Daisy Gardens - Pelvis
  9. Oak Street, Daisy Gardens - Upper left arm
  10. Alto Avenue, Minnie's Melodyland - Lower left arm
  11. Baritone Boulevard, Minnie's Melodyland - Left hand
  12. Tenor Terrace, Minnie's Melodyland - Upper right arm
  13. Lullaby Lane, Donald's Dreamland - Lower right arm
  14. Pajama Place, Donald's Dreamland - Right hand
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Task-Professor Flake
Professor Flake
The Precipitation Foundation
Polar Place
The Brrrgh
Post-Donald's Dreamland
This ToonTask takes place Post-Donald's Dreamland.
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After completing all of Donald's Dreamland's ToonTasks, you may begin earning your Lawbot cog suit from Professor Flake in The Precipitation Foundation, located on Polar Place in The Brrrgh. You will have to go through fourteen ToonTasks to obtain each piece of the cog suit. Professor Flake will ask you to obtain an "External Temperature Sensor" on each street, excluding The Brrrgh's streets.

After completing the ToonTask, you will have to go to the Toon Headquarters, or any other toon building, to receive another ToonTask for Professor Flake. Professor Flake will not give you the ToonTask.


The Lawbot cog suit

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