After completion of Donald's Dreamland's ToonTasks, toons will be able to begin collecting pieces for their Lawbot cog suit. After completing the Lawbot cog suit, toons will be able to move on to their Bossbot cog suit.

Lawbot cog suit

The Lawbot cog suit consists of fourteen pieces. These pieces are rewarded from Professor Flake in The Precipitation Foundation on Polar Place in The Brrrgh. Professor Flake will request an external temperature sensor from the cogs in each of the streets in all of Toontown, excluding those in the Brrrgh.

Bossbot Suit

The Bossbot cog suit consists of seventeen pieces. The first sixteen pieces are rewarded from Shep Ahoy in All for Nautical on Seaweed Street in Donald's Dock. Shep Ahoy will request that toons defeat one of each Bossbot cog from lowest to highest on the corporate ladder. Afterwards, Shep Ahoy will give eight ToonTasks, each requiring toons to defeat one V2.0 cog. Once the first sixteen pieces are obtained, Flippy will reward the final piece.

Cog suit ToonTask Guide

Lawbot cog suit: Lawbot suit pieces
Bossbot cog suit: First 16 Bossbot suit piecesFinal Bossbot suit piece

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